Australian Shepherd Lab Mix: The Complete Guide To The Aussiedor

As the name suggests, the Australian Shepherd Lab Mix is the high-spirited and loving offspring of two of the most sought-after pooches today. Suitable for any kind of family, this working breed is ideal for single-owners and families with children, preferably older.

Also known as the Aussiedor, the Australian Shepherd Lab Mix combines two completely different traits from its parents being the hard-working and obedient personality of the Shepherd and the jolly and cheerful nature of the Labrador retriever.

The only major issue when it comes to this charming hybrid is its extreme shedding problem and high energy levels. If you think you can match up to that and do not mind a few tufts of hair around the house, then this is the dog for you.

Over the next few minutes, we will explore the personality traits of an Australian Shepherd Lab Mix, how to take care of such a wonderful dog, train it, and get to know what makes it a well-suited companion for your family.

What is An Australian Shepherd Lab Mix?

Beaming with energy and ever ready to please its owners, the Aussiedor is a fairly new hybrid that comes from the two most popular dog breeds, the Australian Shepherd and the Labrador Retriever. Owing to their high energy levels, these dogs were originally bred as working dogs and were recommended only for farm living and homes that have adequate space for them to run and play.

Although they are great for all family types, these dogs do well with active families and preferable a home that has a spacious yard or garden. If you have the time and patience to devote to this canine, then you can rest assured this dog will make a pleasing companion.

Both the Australian Shepherd and Labrador were bred as working dogs, but when it comes to personality, these dogs are the complete opposite. While the Labrador is sociable, affectionate, and friendly with all, the Australian Shepherd is wary of strangers and features herding instincts. But when these two breeds are crossed, you can certainly expect a mix that’s quite the handful.



The Aussiedor is a medium-size hybrid that can look either like the Australian Shepherd or the Labrador or a unique mix of both. Just like all mixed breeds, you can never expect a particular appearance but can only determine the same by looking at the parent breeds.

Even when it comes to the size, some Aussiedors can have lean and athletic bodies like the Australian Shepherd or a heavier structure like the Labrador Retriever. Truth be told, it’s quite difficult to predict how a pup will turn out before it actually matures a bit.

However, with that being said, Aussiedors are usually wide-shouldered and fairly strong with a large head and wide face that is similar to the Lab. Their ears usually hang low on the sides of their face and their tail is quite long as compared to the rest of its body.

Height & Weight

An adult Aussiedor generally grows up to 25 inches tall but some can also stand as short as 18 inches high. As mentioned earlier they are medium in size with either lean or broad bodies, depending on who they take after more.

As for the weight of the Aussiedor, know that these dogs can weigh anything between 40 to 70 lbs approximately, with females being slightly smaller than males. This seems to be a common trait of hybrid dogs and it can differ ever so slightly depending on diet and exercise levels.

Coat & Colors

Aussiedors come in a wide variety of colors that include all the solid colors of the Labrador like black, golden, brown, and silver. They can also come in a unique mix of two or three colors that could include merle as well.

You can expect these hybrids to come in almost any color you can imagine, the most common of them all being black and white, tan, black and tan, black tan and white, spotted, brindle, blue and red merle, or speckled.

Coming to their coats, it can be a blend of two coats both straight with hints of curvy and wavy fur. This is because of the two different coats featured by their parent breeds. The length of the coat can also vary but no matter the outlook, all coats are thick and water repellent. Yes, they are heavy shedders and can sometimes even shed much more than their parents


Australian Shepherd Lab Mix Personality & Temperament

Known for its affectionate nature and kindness towards people and children, the Aussiedor is a loyal and gentle dog that gets its best qualities from both its parents.

Keeping that in mind, some Aussiedors might get more of their traits from either parent which means you can expect it to be wary around outsiders like the Aussie Shepherd or friendly and playful like the Lab.

You should also remember that these dogs tend to lean towards inheriting the friendly and loving traits of the Labrador Retriever.


Both breeds being highly active, the Aussiedor is also overflowing with energy and ever ready to play and run around. This also means they require a good amount of physical and mental stimulation that includes interactive toys to play with.

If not given the right amount of exposure to running and playing, these dogs can easily get bored and lose focus – which would only lead to destructive behavior. Just like most dogs, Aussiedors do not like being left alone for long, therefore you need to make sure someone is always around to keep them busy.


If your Aussiedor takes after the Lab then you can expect your pooch to be a friendly, laid back and affectionate dog. However, if they take after the Australian Shepherd, then you can expect some herding tendencies with an isolated and shy disposition.

These dogs would show wariness towards strangers and would be protective of their loved ones. They are also known for their nipping and chasing traits which are not a good thing if you have children at home.

To manage these behavioral and temperamental issues, these dogs need to be trained and socialized from an early age to help them adapt to new surroundings and people better.

Is An Australian Shepherd Lab Mix A Good Family Dog?

Yes, the Aussiedor would make an exceptional family companion. They are great around children and are also open to meeting new people.

Although Australian Shepherds are protective and feature different traits as compared to the Lab, they too are friendly pooches but can be a bit wary of outsiders. But this comes down to proper training and early socialization to help deal with such traits.


Caring for An Australian Shepherd Lab Mix

Aussiedors make great companions but when it comes to taking care of this hybrid, you are in for a task. These dogs are not meant for owners that are always away from home, as they need a lot of attention. Proper exercise and grooming is a must to keep these dogs balanced and satisfied, and not forgetting healthy and fit.

Know that they demand all your time and attention and require a lot of space to run. Their laid-back nature makes them ideal dogs for inexperienced dog owners and training them is quite easy. If you have the possibility, you may even set up a playpen to help you through.

They need proper socialization, a good healthy diet, high-energy exercise routines, and regular check-ups at the vet. If you think you can manage these factors, then you should not have any problem in taking care of these canines.


As discussed earlier, both parent breeds are highly energetic which means the Aussiedor will be just the same. They need regular exercise and a spacious area to play and run so you must own a garden or yard with a fence. Make note, they do not fare well living in apartments and closed in homes.

Along with this, Aussiedors need at least 2 hours of exercise per day stretched over 2 walks. You could take them for walks in the park, around the neighborhood, or even on your morning jog. However, you need to let them off the leash and allow them to run around and play if at the park.

They will also require playtime at home. Yes, all this may sound a bit too much for those of you who are not the active type, but if you are, then this dog makes an excellent running or jogging partner. Just remember you need to provide them with a way to burn that excess energy to ensure they stay happy and stimulated.

Grooming & Shedding

One of the biggest drawbacks of this adorable pooch is its strenuous grooming and shedding responsibilities. Just like its parents, the Aussiedor too is a heavy shedder and that is not good news for most.

Although their coats blow out at least twice in the year you can expect heavy shedding throughout the year. To keep this in control, you would need to brush them down every week and every second day during the shedding season.

Also, if your dog comes with shorter fur, you can remove any excess fur by wiping them down with a wet cloth. Other grooming requirements include regular teeth brushing to avoid dental problems, cleaning or eyes and ears to prevent wax buildup and clipping of nails whenever they are too long.

Feeding & Diet

Similar to the Lab, the Aussiedor is another dog that loves to eat whatever it lays eyes on, and that often leads to obesity. So it is vital that you keep a close eye on their meal portion size, what they eat throughout the day, and especially monitor their weight.

Always feed your dog a premium quality, high-calorie food that is full of all the essential nutrients. During its puppy years, you can feed him four to five meals a day but this should be brought down to two meals a day which would include 3 to 4 cups of kibble.

Known Health Problems

Just like its parents, the Aussiedor is prone to common health issues that include hip and elbow dysplasia, bloating, and epilepsy.

You must take your pooch for regular checkups at your local vet to make sure it is healthy and free from developing such issues. Proper exercise along with a sensible diet are good ways to keep your dog fit.


How to Train An Australian Shepherd Lab Mix

One of the stand-out characteristics of the Aussiedor is its sensitivity along with its intelligence. Just like the Australian Shepherd and the Lab, both breeds are easy to train and learn new things quickly.

It is important to use only positive reinforcement techniques while training your Aussiedor, especially if they are more like the Australian Shepherd. Avoid punishment, shouting and any aggressive methods as this could cause them to get aggressive, lose focus, and shut down completely.

Socialization from an early age is another important aspect when it comes to training your Aussiedor. Although they get along great with children and other pets, your Aussiedor might take after the Australian Shepherd and might not be friendly and sociable with outsiders including children and other pets. That said, it is important to expose them to new people, situations, and help them adapt to new experiences from an early age.

They also need proper mental and physical stimulation – so you can arrange for a few agility exercise routines including obstacles and hurdles to be set up in your yard. Remember, these dogs love to perform, so you set the stage.

Quick Breed Summary Table

Breed Information
Size 18 to 25 inches
Weight 40 to 70 lbs
Lifespan 12 years
Color All colors including solid color, bi, and tri-colored coats
Coat Short, wavy or straight and dense
Shedding & Grooming Heavy shedding. High grooming requirements
Temperament High-spirited, loyal, protective, friendly and affectionate
With Other Pets Good but require early socialization
People Skills Great with family but wary of strangers. Needs early socialization
With Children Excellent with children
Exercise Needs High exercise needs – 2 hours per day including 2 walks
Food 3 to 4 cups of kibble split into 2 meals per day
Known Health Problems Hip and elbow dysplasia, bloating, and epilepsy

All Things Considered

The Australian Shepherd Lab mix is a friendly, energetic, and loyal dog that is best suited for families with active lifestyles. Requiring large spacious areas to run and play, these dogs are laid-back, and charming dogs that are quite the handful.

It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced dog owner, these dogs are affectionate and easy to train, and would make the ideal companion. Demanding your time and energy, these dogs require physical and mental stimulation and love the outdoors.

All in all, these dogs are intelligent, and always eager to please their masters, so if you think you can meet the requirements of this endearing canine, then this is probably the best choice for you.

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