Bichon Poodle: A Diminutive Doggy Bear

Often referred to as a ‘doggy-bear’ – the Bichon Poodle is a mix between the Bichon Frise and one of the most sought after dog breeds – the Poodle.

Small in size and adorned with the softest fur, these little pups are bred primarily to be cute and cuddly, just like a teddy-bear. You will be pleased to know that these adorable doggies crave attention and are always eager to please their owners.

Lovable and friendly, they possess the jolly nature of the Bichon combined with the intelligence of the Poodle. They are fun-loving dogs that enjoy spending time around people and are known for their charming disposition. Although small and fragile, they boast big personalities and are best kept as companion dogs.

What is a Bichon Poodle Mix?

The popular mix between a Bichon Frise and a Poodle, this pooch is bred to be a cuddly lap dog. Also known as a Poochon or Bichpoo, these little pups are extremely cute and the perfect little living teddy bears.

Thanks to their cute noses and button eyes, they resemble fluffy soft toys prancing around on four legs and are just as charming as they look.

They crave affection and love a good snuggle now and then. Coming from a Poodle, they are a very smart breed and are bound to keep you on your toes throughout the day. Easy to take care of and adaptable to any environment, the Bichon Poodle Mix does well around children and is obedient.

Bichon Poodle Adult


Popularly known for their captivating and delightful teddy-bear like appearance, the Bichon Poodle Mix is a breed that would turn heads when out on walks or at the park.

Boasting a most charming smile combined with black engaging eyes, these dogs can make anyone’s heart melt just by being around them.

They come with short, dumpy legs with a small compact size body, a rounded head with a small nose. They are available in a few different coat colors and have fur that is soft, curly, or wavy.

Height & Weight

Commonly referred to as lapdogs, the Bichon Poodle Mix is a miniature size dog that can be carried around easily. Owing to their tiny bodies and appealing appearances they instantly bring joy to those around them.

With no major difference between males and females, the Bichon Poodle Mix stands at approximately 9 to 15 inches high and weighs around 6 to 18 lbs.

Coat & Colors

Coming to the coat and color of a Bichon Poodle Mix, you could find them in different shades including brown, tan, or white, even cream or ginger hues. The ones that feature darker colored fur are often found with white streaks on the underside of its tiny body.

In terms of its coat, they possess a curly single coat that is mostly medium length. Their fur consists of thin cute curls that are perfectly layered all across their bodies.

Looking at the coat, you may think grooming this dog is relatively easy, but keep in mind, they need all the care and attention they can get to look clean and at their best.

Bichon Poodle Dog

Bichon Poodle Mix Personality & Temperament

As we all know, the temperament and personality of a mixed breed are often determined by their parent breeds, but with the Bichon Poodle Mix, you can easily predict what they would be like.

These little creatures are more than ready to mingle with strangers and make new companions. They are extremely sociable and that can sometimes be a problem too.

As discussed earlier, they are a smart breed and are jolly and high-spirited, but to keep them happy and balanced, it is necessary to keep them busy and focused. They are eager to learn new things and need all the mental and physical stimulation they can get.

Considered to be one of the sweetest breeds out there, these dogs are known for their loving nature and are solely devoted to their owners.


When it comes to a Bichon Poodle Mix, do not let its size fool you. This tiny little pooch is beaming with energy and can sometimes be too loud and yappy. They are known for whining when bored and barking excessively when excited.

Know that this must be controlled with the help of proper training from an early age. And you would be happy to know that these dogs pick up new things quickly so obedience training wouldn’t be that hard.

Since they are super-playful and possess extra energy, you need to take them out on walks or allow them to run around the house – yes they do not mind playing alone but would prefer if you join in.


Just like most dogs, the Bichon Poodle Mix is one that craves attention, therefore leaving them alone at home could lead to the development of separation anxiety. This can then lead to destructive behavior and an aggressive personality.

They might look timid and cute, but you would be surprised to know that they make great watchdogs because they bark at anything that crosses their eyes.

As I mentioned earlier, they are overly affectionate and are sociable pets and they are eager to greet anyone they meet, but this can be hampered if not stimulated and exercised enough. Overall, these dogs are a pleasure to be around and are perfect for owners of all ages.

Bichon Poodle Dog Breed

Is A Bichon Poodle A Good Family Dog?

The Bichon Poodle Mix is by far one of the most ideal family dogs there is today. Firstly because of their friendly and loving nature and primarily because they are great with children and other pets. They easily adapt to any kind of surrounding and fit into any household without any hassle.

They are always eager to please their owners and aim at keeping them happy. You would find yourself glued to their antics and goofiness for hours because that’s the kind of pet they are.

Caring for A Bichon Poodle

Easy to take care of, the Bichon Poodle Mix is just like any small size furry dog that needs nothing but basic grooming and attention. Ideal for first time owners, taking care of these dogs do not require any extra skills or prior experience.

Keep in mind, the only most important thing is to keep them clean and well-groomed and you have them taken care of. Apart from this, you need to ensure they follow a strict special diet and exercise regime that would keep them fit and healthy.


Beaming with energy and owing to their small size, the Poochon is a lively little dog that needs all the exercise and playtime he can get. They often display sudden bursts of energy that need to be addressed with care – having a large space at home for them to run around could be helpful. However, with that being said, you might find them running around one minute and snuggling the next.

These dogs must be taken for walks regularly and these should last up to at least 10 minutes. A quick walk around the block or in the park should be enough to keep them focused.

They can also be walked off-leash but this would require proper training from the start. They love a quick game of fetch and need their playtime at home too. The total exercise needed every day should be of at least 45 minutes or until they tire themselves out.

Cute Bichon Poodle

Grooming & Shedding

The most daunting aspect of taking care of a Poochon is grooming them. Regular grooming helps keep their fur free from knots and tangles. Since these dogs do not shed a lot, it is up to you to keep their fur short and well-trimmed.

They would need to be brushed regularly to keep their fur neat and tidy. However, monthly visits to the groomer for a good shampoo and haircut is also a must.

Keep in mind, if you do not groom this little pooch with proper care, they are prone to developing clumps and mats which are very painful when pulled on. Other grooming needs include regular brushing of their teeth- yes these dogs are often found to suffer from gum disease or bad teeth.

You should also use dental chews and treats to help keep their teeth free from tartar. At the same time, they also need regular cleaning of their ears and especially their eyes to help prevent any tear-stains.

Feeding & Diet

It is important to know that the Bichon Poodle Mix, being a small dog requires a different kind of diet that includes specific amounts of calories to match their small bodies. These dogs need a certain kind of kibble or dog food that is made solely for small breeds.

Their meals need to be divided into 3 to help them digest better. These meals should include at least half a cup of good quality kibble.

If you are unsure of what to feed your dog, you should check with your local vet to know the best meal plan and food type – these foods should include less fat and carbs which is best for avoiding weight gain, but enough protein for proper development and to help support their energy levels.

Known Health Problems

Bichon Poodle Mixes just like any mixed breed is often prone to lesser ailments compared to pure breed dogs, however, there are a few common diseases and health problems that could arise.

These issues include Periodontal disease which often leads to heart problems and Progressive retinal atrophy which is an eye problem that is found in both its parent breeds.

The most common problem in this mix is Patellar Luxation and hip dysplasia which occurs mainly because of their short legs. It is best to take your pet for regular checkups to ensure he does not develop any of the above illnesses.

Bichon Poodle Puppy

How to Train A Bichon Poodle

As compared to training other breeds, training the Poochon is a breeze. These dogs are highly intelligent and obedient by nature and they learn new things easily and quickly. They do not possess any negative behavioral issues which are always advantageous, especially during the training process.

Just like any other dog, they need to be socialized from an early age to help them adapt to new situations and surroundings with ease, but they possess a naturally friendly nature that makes it even easier.

When it comes to training the Poochon, you must always use positive reinforcement techniques without the use of punishment or shouting. Because these dogs are such clever animals, they will pick up things quickly, but it is up to you to keep their minds and bodies stimulated and busy.

Always remember to use new tricks and toys to keep them focused and interested, play fetch, tunnels, or create puzzles for them to solve. Reward them with healthy treats when they finish or when they obey your command.

Quick Breed Summary Table

Breed Information
Size 9 to 15 inches
Weight 6 to 18 lbs.
Lifespan 12 to 16 years
Color Brown, tan, cream, or white
Coat single coat, curly or wavy medium length fur
Shedding & Grooming Low shedding – intensive grooming needs
Temperament clever, high-spirited, devoted, social, and friendly
With Other Pets great with other pets
People Skills excellent with people
With Children excellent with children
Exercise Needs Moderate activity – at least 45 minutes of exercise a day
Food Good quality kibble – half cup thrice a day
Known Health Problems periodontal disease, Progressive retinal atrophy, Patellar Luxation, and hip dysplasia

All Things Considered

Suitable for any type of family, the Bichon Poodle Mix is the ideal pet for anyone looking for a new puppy . Adaptable to any kind of lifestyle and household, these dogs are smart, friendly, and fun-loving and that’s what most people look for in a pet.

They are warm towards outsiders, children, and other pets and are a joy to be around. They are quite the handful and require a bit of grooming and exercise to keep them happy and well-balanced.

Overflowing with energy and possessing the personality of bigger breeds, these tiny little animals are kind, cuddly, and super adorable. Their main aim is to please their owners and keep them happy which makes them one of the most worthy pooches you can find.

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