Boxer Mastiff Mix: An Odd-Looking Goofball

It would perhaps be wise to start off by pointing out that the Boxer Mastiff Mix is living proof that appearances can be deceiving. An imposing and somewhat scary dog at first sight, this particular hybrid is actually a cuddly, friendly goofball by most accounts.

Although many would agree that this dog looks a little intimidating at first glance, once you get to know them better, these dogs prove more jovial and friendly then you could possibly imagine. Then again, neither of the parent breeds is known for being particularly problematic so there’s that.

While it would be safe to say that these dogs are fiercely protective of their owners, none of their traits make them unruly or difficult. In fact, these dogs are very smart and can be trained to obey commands to the letter.

What Is A Boxer Mastiff Mix?

Sometimes called a Boxmas, a Boxer Mastiff Mix represents the crossbreeding between a Boxer and a Mastiff. By combining medium to large dogs, the end result can be expected to be fairly large as well, or at least larger than a traditional Boxer at least.

One thing to point out is that these dogs look a little frightening from a distance, and yet they aren’t more aggressive or dangerous than any other dog. Even so, the dog is a bit more protective than either the Boxer and the Mastiff.

This is an energetic dog that thoroughly enjoys the company of people, a dog that feels a lot better around its owners than in the presence of other dogs. This may have something to do with the fact that these dogs mature late and that they require more human interaction than normal.


Popular with people who have sizeable yards, these dogs aren’t exactly small and require a lot of room to roam. Because it is a hybrid, a Boxer Mastiff Mix can incorporate either the physical characteristics of a Mastiff or those of a Boxer.

The only thing you can count on appearance-wise is the fact that it will be an imposing dog to look at. This is the type of dog that doesn’t impress through its good looks but rather through its no-nonsense attitude that recommends it as a decent guard dog.

Seeing how both of the parent breeds have short hair, you can expect the Boxer Mastiff Mix to also possess the same physical characteristics. On the same note, you can expect the dog to be fairly strong and muscular by most standards.


Height & Weight

This impressive dog can grow up to 36 inches tall, with males being somewhat taller. The females can grow anywhere between 29 to 33 inches in height, but both the males and the females are strictly dependent on their genetic heritage in that regard.

As for the weight, this is a medium-sized dog that can weight up to 230 lbs for the males and 170 lbs for the females. Of course, diet, lifestyle, health, and exercise also affect how large a Boxer Mastiff Mix will grow, the same as heritage.

Coat & Colors

This dog features a medium to dense, single coat that requires very little grooming. The coat is a reflection of what most Boxers and Mastiffs commonly look like, so do not expect the coat to be too intricate or peculiar in that regard.

Not exactly colorful, the Boxer Mastiff Mix comes in white, brown, black, brindle, or apricot. Although the dog usually has fur of a single color, this dog rarely boasts patches or intricate color patterns. For the most part, the dog takes its color from one of the parents and rarely from both of them.

Boxer Mastiff Mix Personality & Temperament

Despite its intimidating look, a Boxer Mastiff Mix makes for a decent family dog. This is because the dog is quite easygoing and friendly with people it has been acquainted with. Not to say that it showcases any aggressive behavior towards strangers, although it definitely prefers its family over other people or dogs.

As long as you have the capacity and willingness to socialize the dog from an early age, you should have no problems whatsoever later on. Mind you, the dog is rather strong from a physical standpoint, so you definitely want it to behave itself at all times.

Having said that, know that the dog can get quite protective, which is why it’s important for the dog to refrain from any conflictual engagement. You could make the same point about most muscular breeds in a way, but more so when it comes to scary-looking dogs.


The thing not many people understand about hybrid dogs is that they do not always showcase the same personality that their parents have. It is common for them to incorporate a mixture of the two, but a crossbreed rarely inherits only the good traits.

In that regard, you definitely want to take the time and train, socialize, and pacify the dog early on. Failure to do so will make controlling the dog much harder once it grows. Mind you, these dogs can grow quite big when they reach adulthood.

Speaking of which, although the dog is fairly intelligent, a Boxer Mastiff Mix takes up to three years to reach mental maturity. During the forming years, the dog requires that the master not only trains it but also show it the affection and discipline the dog craves by nature.



As we already pointed out earlier, the dog isn’t exactly aggressive, not by a long shot. That said, it can grow rather big and strong on account of its genetics. You don’t really want such a strong dog to forget its own strength, especially when interacting with other pets.

Furthermore, know that this dog is prone to causing quite a ruckus if ignored for extended periods of time. It will also engage in destructive behavior if left at home by itself for too long, or if the owner neglects to show the dog enough attention.

Because both of the parent breeds have a reputation for being calm and steady, chances are that your Boxer Mastiff Mix will also be an easygoing and tolerant pooch. Even so, it wouldn’t hurt to supervise the dog closely in its interaction with small children and other pets.

Is A Boxer Mastiff Mix A Good Family Dog?

When you consider how tame the dog is, then I guess you could call it a decent family dog. Despite how scary the dog looks, it is really a gentle canine at heart. This is the type of dog that always seeks human validation whenever it does something remotely interesting.

To some extent, this dog lives for affection and validation, which is why it prefers the company of people as often as it gets the chance. Fun, loyal, and very protective, a Boxer Mastiff Mix makes the perfect family dog provided that you take the time to train and socialize it.

As previously stated, this isn’t a violent or aggressive dog, but it does mature a bit slower than both of its parent breeds. In this respect, you want to take things slow with the dog and gradually introduce it to your family routine so that it may find its place inside your household in a timely fashion.

Caring For A Boxer Mastiff Mix

Perhaps the most important thing to remember about a Boxer Mastiff Mix is that it doesn’t do well in small spaces. As a matter of fact, keeping the dog contained in a small room for too long is akin to animal abuse given how energetic and lively the dog is.

If you happen to live in an urban environment, then at least find a dog park or a place for it to roam freely ever so often. If you can, include the dog in your workout regimen, especially if it involves jogging or hiking.

On a related note, know that this dog likes to play with dog toys and that you should buy a handful for it from an early age. Both the Boxer and the Mastiff are the types of dogs who tend to get attached to their toys, even designating favorites they sometimes carry around with them from time to time.


With both of the parent breeds being muscular yet slim dogs, you can expect a Boxer Mastiff Mix to boast the same physical build. Although it may be easier to simply give in to the dog’s demand for food and sedentary living, know that you’re not doing your dog any favors this way.

What you want instead is a dog that adheres to a well-planned training schedule. A dog like this needs space to roam and plenty of activities to drain its immense energy reserves. While you’re at it, find an activity that both you and the dog enjoy to help you bond.

On average, a Boxer Mastiff Mix requires between 45 and 60 minutes of daily exercise. It can be a good idea to make the whole experience playful in nature, mostly by including the occasional game of fetch into the dog’s exercise routine.


Grooming & Shedding

As far as grooming requirements go, the Boxer Mastiff Mix is quite a low-maintenance dog. Seeing how both of the parent breeds have short coats, the hybrid also has no expensive needs. Nor is the dog’s coat long enough to shed seasonally, nor is it thick enough to get tangled or overly dirty.

You are advised, however, to bathe the dog on a monthly basis because it can develop a peculiar smell over time. At the same time, make sure to brush the dog’s teeth and clean its ears as often as you have the time for it.

Feeding & Diet

Being a large dog, the Boxer Mastiff Mix needs a lot of food on a daily basis. People who own dogs like these say that the dog prefers protein-rich food, which includes but is not restricted to chicken, lamb, fish, and beef-based dog food.

A responsible dog owner should always refrain from feeding the dog any allergens like corn, soy, dairy, wheat, or potatoes. On a related note, try to feed the dog some fresh vegetables along with any kibble pr treats you might feed it on a regular basis.

Known Health Problems

As long as both of the parents are healthy, a Boxer Mastiff Mix will seldom showcase any congenital issues or life-threatening illnesses. For the most part, this pooch suffers from the same ailments that most hybrids suffer from.

This includes issues like Hip Dysplasia – that affects the hip socket, Gastric Torsion – which can cause the stomach to overstretch, and Ectropion – a condition that causes the lower eyelid to appear droopy because of a rare abnormality.


How To Train A Boxer Mastiff Mix

Being an intelligent dog by nature, you won’t have too many difficulties teaching a Boxer Mastiff Mix basic commands. You will, however, have a hard time teaching the dog more elaborate concepts when it’s too young. As we said, the dog matures rather slowly, despite being a fairly smart dog when fully grown.

Because of how energetic some of these dogs can get, you want to incorporate a lot of activities in your training schedule. This way, if the dog is reluctant to practice a specific command at any given time, you can easily substitute it with another activity that the dog might enjoy.

Quick Breed Summary Table

Breed Information
Size 29 to 35 inches
Weight 160 to 230 lbs
Lifespan 10 to 12 years
Color White, brown, black, brindle, apricot(rarely)
Coat Short to medium, dense, single coat
Shedding & Grooming The dog rarely sheds and requires very little grooming
Temperament Intelligent, calm, relaxed, loyal, protective
With Other Pets Quite indifferent to other dogs, sociable with animals it knows intimately
People Skills Great with people
With Children These dogs love being around children
Exercise Needs Between 45 and 60 minutes on a daily basis
Food Protein-rich food, mostly meat and occasional kibble/vegetables
Known Health Problems Hip Dysplasia, Gastric Torsion, Ectropion

All things Considered

Looking for a dependable family dog is no easy task, but a Boxer Mastiff Mix can certainly check all the boxes in regards to what makes a good companion on a fundamental basis. The dog is energetic, intelligent, loyal, protective, and always seeking attention from people.

These traits make the Boxer Mastiff Mix a nearly perfect family dog, one that rarely engages in aggressive behavior, even toward strangers. Furthermore, the dog gets along reasonably well with children and will always jump on the opportunity to play with any person that gives it any attention.

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Caroline has been a dog lover since she was only 6 years old, when her parents got her a rescue Boxer. Since then her love for dogs has lead her to study Dog Behavior & Welfare. She now educates people on how to properly raise and care for dogs, through her online site, Bark Friend. Now, she's a proud owner of a beautiful German Shepherd.

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