Cavapoo: A Cuddly Toy Hybrid Like No Other

Also known as a Caboodle, the Cavapoo is the adorable cross between the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the famous Toy Poodle. Adored for their charming and friendly nature, this mix is not considered as a purebred but affectionate and sociable family companion.

First introduced in Australia in the 1990s, this pooch has slowly gained popularity and has taken the world by storm. Not only does its appearance make one’s heart melt, but it has inherited all the best qualities from both parents.

Beaming with charm and always ready to please its family members, the Cavapoo is a gentle and devoted dog that gets along great with children. Not only do they love a good cuddle but they’re also ever ready to join you on a long walk or a quick jog in the park. If these character traits tick all your boxes, then read on to know more about this attractive and intriguing canine.

What is a Cavapoo?

Although tiny in size, the Cavapoo is a smart and calm dog with a huge personality. Low in energy as compared to other miniature size dogs, the Cavapoo is loyal, social and a great option for people who suffer from allergies – yes they’re hypoallergenic.

They love mingling with people and enjoy spending time with their family. They are excellent with children and learn to warm up to outsiders over time if trained and socialized from an early age.

Inquisitive and always up for an adventure, the Cavapoo is easy to train and picks up new tricks quickly. Overall the Cavapoo is a strong hybrid that makes a great family companion especially for those who lead a laid back lifestyle.


Owing to their adorable appearance, you will always find an inviting and friendly expression on the face of a Cavapoo. Featuring captivating almond-shaped eyes that are large and expressive, they come with long floppy ears that hang down the sides of their head.

Often referred to as a fuzzy teddy bear, the Cavapoo features a flat snout that only adds to its already cute face. Since these dogs are small in size, you might just think they’re the fragile type- do not be fooled, they come with a sturdy well-built structure.

Just like any crossbreed, the Cavapoo isn’t an exception when it comes to predicting its exact appearance. It could either look like the Cavalier or the Poodle or a mix of both, which is what makes it even more versatile.


Height & Weight

As you already know, the Cavapoo is a small size canine that is loved for its precious outlook. However, the size could differ depending on whether the Poodle parent used is a toy or miniature poodle.

A fully grown Cavapoo could stand anywhere between 9 to 14 inches tall and could weigh between 9 to 25 lbs. which is fairly small.

Coat & Color

Featuring three different types of coats, the Cavapoo can come with a hairy coat, a fleece coat, and a wooly coat. The fleece coat is the most common of all which includes loose curls or waves that are soft and smooth. However, if you go by the parents, mixing a Cavalier and a Poodle, you could expect a short, wavy, or curly coat.

Thanks to the Poodle parent, the Cavapoo is a low-shedding dog. This could be one of the most important factors for some dog owners who suffer from allergies. They do not shed which means their fur grows longer with time, so you would need to give them regular haircuts to ensure they look their best. The length of the coat depends on the owner, you might just want a fluffy teddy bear look for your Cavapoo or a simple short haircut.

Coming to the coat colors, a Cavapoo can be found in a range of different colors including fawn, gold, cream, white, chocolate, chestnut, and even a tri-colored coat which is a mix of black, white, and tan.

Cavapoo Personality & Temperament

Similar to most mixed breeds, the characteristics and temperament of a Cavapoo depend on which parent the dog takes after more. Generally, it is seen that this mix is quite similar to a Cavalier but if this cross takes after the Poodle then you can expect an excitable and high-spirited dog that requires a lot of mental and physical stimulation.

As mentioned earlier, this pooch is extremely affectionate and friendly and loves to be around its family members, just like the Cavalier.

Although they are lazy and make the ideal lap dog, they are obedient pets and come with some amazing abilities that would make them great agility and rally canines.



Cavapoos are a fairly playful and active breed that comes with moderate to low-energy levels. They’re a joy to be around and are cheerful and goofy. Bound to keep you and your family entertained, these dogs love a game of fetch or a nice long walk around the neighborhood.

These dogs are also calm and laid back pets by nature, pets that cannot be considered destructive and harmful by any standards – a huge plus if you have expensive furniture.

It should also be said that they’re far from aggressive and get along extremely well with other pets and people. They do not possess any bad behavioral traits and I’m pretty sure that has got you smiling from ear to ear.


When it comes to the temperament of a Cavapoo, you can expect nothing less than a typical teddy bear. A cuddly, affectionate, friendly, and devoted pooch that is adorable to look at, laid back and playful at the same time.

You should also know that Cavapoos are not obsessive barkers but will bark when someone is at the front door. However, this does not make them good watchdogs – once you open the door, you will find them all over your guest expecting a good pat or a belly rub.

Furthermore, know that they find it hard to focus for very long and have a short attention span, so you must keep them on a leash in public areas. However, this can be taken care of but proper training from an early age.


Is A Cavapoo A Good Family Dog?

You already know the answer to this question but I’m going to remind you anyway – Yes, the Cavapoo is an exceptional family companion and is suitable for experienced and new dog owners.

As I mentioned earlier, the Cavapoo is a friendly, loving, and loyal pooch that craves the attention of its family members. Possessing a charming personality, this mix is jolly and loves to play with children without being a threat. With no signs of aggression or destructive behavior, you can rest assured that this dog will make the ideal lifelong pal.

Caring for A Cavapoo

Ideal for families with or without any experience, a Cavapoo isn’t very hard to take care of. Adaptable to any lifestyle, this pooch is not only suitable for apartment living and but wouldn’t mind traveling with you and your family.

Although small in size and moderately active, a Cavapoo is prone to suffer from quick weight gain, so you need to make sure your dog gets all the exercise and playtime he needs daily to keep him fit and healthy.

Regular checkups at the vet can also help with keeping a close eye on the health of your pet. Other aspects that are important when it comes to taking care of your Cavapoo are proper exercise routines, grooming, and a good healthy diet.

Keep in mind, if properly care for, Cavapoos can live for up to almost 18 years while the normal lifespan is 12 to 15 years.


Although tiny in size, it is vital that you provide your Cavapoo with enough exercise to keep them fit and healthy. Long walks are a good idea, provided your pet is in a fit condition. Playing around at home – which includes games like catch and tug are great options to help keep your pet stimulated physically and mentally.

However, it is vital to know that Cavapoos do not do well in hot weather. Their short muzzles are the reason why they suffer from heat stress because they have trouble in the proper regulation of body temperature. You should ensure your Cavapoo plays in the shade or cool spaces with constant access to cool water throughout the day.

To ensure your Cavapoo stays healthy, you should take them out on at least one walk on a daily basis with at least 30 minutes of exercise.


Grooming & Shedding

As mentioned earlier Cavapoos do not shed but their coats continue to grow with time. Which only means you would need to groom them at least once every 4 to 6 weeks.

With this, you would need to brush them down weekly to ensure they do not develop any knots and tangles. Also if you find any mats in their fur you can trim them out with scissors, as carefully as possible.

Another important aspect to keep in mind is that Cavapoos suffer from tear stains. But this can be prevented by regular flushing out of your pet’s eyes with a proper solution using a cotton ball.

To know more about the right type of solution for your dog, you should check with your local vet. Other grooming needs include cleaning of ears every day, nail clipping every two months, and brushing of the teeth twice a week.

Feeding & Diet

The best way to feed a Cavapoo appropriately is by dividing their meals into two – a morning meal and a night time meal. Just like their parents, this mix does not need any special kind of food, but you must provide them with good quality dry food.

Owing to their size and the fact that they are prone to gaining weight easily, they should be given at least 1 cup of kibble a day split into two meals.

Known Health Problems

Cavapoos are generally a very strong and healthy hybrid, but some common illnesses found over time have been congenital heart attacks slipping kneecaps, and retinal atrophy.

To keep your pooch safe and free from such conditions, you must speak to your vet to know how to recognize and deal with such issues if and when they arise.


How to Train A Cavapoo

Just like any other dog, the best and most effective way to train a Cavapoo is by using positive reinforcement techniques. Since this mix is known to be extra sensitive, you must ensure that you stay calm yet firm and correct them using gentle methods.

During their early years, you must socialize them and expose them to other people, animals, dogs, and children to help them adapt easier when they become adults. Interacting with young children and other animals should be monitored and should be done with care. They should be rewarded with healthy treats and praise when they obey commands.

Although Cavapoos are non-aggressive animals, proper socialization is a must, to help them develop into the perfect pooches. As mentioned earlier, they are easily distracted, so you should keep your training sessions short and enjoyable with no distractions or people around. Ensure you keep them busy by either performing agility courses or obedience classes to help them learn appropriate behavioral traits.

Quick Breed Summary

Breed Information
Size 9 to 14 inches
Weight 9 to 25 lbs
Lifespan 12 to 15 years
Color fawn, cream, gold, chestnut, chocolate, white tricolored
Coat curly or wavy, smooth and soft
Shedding & Grooming Minimal shedding. Weekly brushing
Temperament friendly, affectionate, loyal, intelligent, inquisitive
With Other Pets Good but needs early socialization
People Skills Excellent with people, even strangers
With Children Great with children
Exercise Needs Low energy dogs – moderate exercise 30 minutes a day
Food 1 cup good quality dry kibble
Known Health Problems Weight gain, congenital heart attacks slipping kneecaps, and retinal atrophy

All Things Considered

A Cavapoo is an exceptional family companion that is bound to warm your heart and the hearts of your family members. Known for their overly affectionate disposition, friendly and sweet nature, these pooches are eager to please their owners and are a pleasure to be around. Easy to adapt to any lifestyle, they are great with living in an apartment or even on a farm.

With moderate exercise, a good healthy diet, and moderate grooming requirements, the Cavapoo does not demand a lot of your time and patience but craves all the love and attention you can give.

After reading this article, I’m pretty sure you agree that this dog is too good to true. With just one purpose in mind – these dogs aim at being your best friend for life and your favorite cuddle-bug.

Caroline Jones

Caroline has been a dog lover since she was only 6 years old, when her parents got her a rescue Boxer. Since then her love for dogs has lead her to study Dog Behavior & Welfare. She now educates people on how to properly raise and care for dogs, through her online site, Bark Friend. Now, she's a proud owner of a beautiful German Shepherd.

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