Corgi Lab Mix: The Corgidor You’ve Been Looking For

Perhaps the first thing people notice about a Corgi Lab Mix is how common yet unusual the dog looks at the same time. This is because the dog draws its physical traits from two very popular dog breeds while still showcasing some truly unique characteristics that neither of the parent breeds possesses.

By combining a Labrador with a Welsh Corgi, you get hybrid that people have come to refer to as a Corgidor. A stout and intelligent dog by nature, this is the type of pooch you get when you are unsure whether you would like to own a Labrador or a Corgi.

Seen as a compromise between the two, a Corgidor will likely prove itself a valiant protector and all-round trusty companion. This is the type of pooch you turn to not only as a guard dog or a companion but also as a friend and playmate for your children.

What Is A Corgi Lab Mix?

This jovial hybrid can safely be considered a dog to rely on. Perhaps not as reliable as larger, more established breeds, but still a dependable dog as far as crossbreeds go. Not just that but the dog is also fun to be around on account of its delightful personality.

You should understand that this crossbreed is a lot older than many people realize. It is believed that the first Corgidors came to be at some point in the early 20th century and that it mostly happened by accident. Since then, breeders have actively tried to build on the hybrid and perhaps improve on its characteristics.

Although quite popular despite their availability, these pooches make decent family dogs and you would be poised to find a good one if you go looking. That said, the Corgi Lab Mix is not recognized by most kennel clubs and understandably so.



It should be said right from the start that Corgidors are quite the lottery when it comes to their physical appearance, it can be a bit of a lottery. Perhaps not so much as with other hybrids, but still a bit random in regards to their overall size and traits.

Even so, most of these dogs tend to possess the head of a Labrador on top of a Corgi’s short body. Needless to say, this makes the dog quite odd-looking but possessing an unmistakable appeal of its own. The dog also benefits from having a quite diverse yet peculiar look at the same time.

You should also expect the dog to have a muscular body and beautiful hazel eyes. As for their tails, these dogs will either have a long tail similar to that of a Labrador, or a stubby tail akin to a Corgi. Either way, the tail is usually not that different from one pup to another.

Height & Weight

It would perhaps be best to point out in clear terms that this is a very diverse dog in regards to its looks. The dog tends to differ in size depending on which of the parent genes are the strongest, with no actual way of predicting how tall a Corgidor will grow when it reaches adulthood.

While impossible to predict in regards to how tall they grow, you can expect few of these dogs to ever grow taller than 24 inches or so. As a bare minimum, you can expect a Corgi Lab Mix to grow to about 9 to 10 inches – this, of course, if the dog takes after the Corgi.

In regards to weight, a Corgi Lab Mix pup can weigh between 30 to 60 lbs while adults grow up to about 70 in rare cases. Needless to say, the weight is also affected by the dog’s lifestyle and exercise levels, not to mention the diet plan and preexisting conditions.


Coat & Colors

You can expect these dogs to come in either yellow, red, black, tan, or anything in between. I should make this abundantly clear that they can differ quite a lot in terms of color and that it mostly depends on which of the parent genes is most dominant in a pup.

The coat of a Corgi Lab Mix can either be short or medium in length, with a dense consistency. In some cases, the dense coat is thick and the dogs shed it continuously throughout the year. One thing’s for certain in that regard, the dog’s coat is always rather straight.

Corgi Lab Mix Personality & Temperament

One would do well to understand that when it comes to sociable dogs such as these, the dogs are likely to exhibit some of the same personality traits that their owners have. They do so because they inadvertently pick up on subtle cues and behaviors from the owners by interacting with them on a daily basis.

So if you’re getting a Corgi Lab Mix thinking that it will display a unique personality type, you should brace for disappointment. Even so, you can expect the dog to be friendlier than your average mutt, which is a by-product of the Labrador DNA.

You should also understand that these dogs have strong pack instincts and that they prefer the company of people over that of other dogs. They prefer people so much, in fact, that they sometimes get overly attached to the people that offer them attention at any given time.


Bear in mind that this is a playful dog and that you will have to see to its constant need for action as best you can. Failure to do so will result in the dog getting stressed and prone to destructive behavior. Considering how strong some of these dogs can get, you want to avoid that if you can.

It also goes without saying that they love to exercise on account of their physical prowess and that it wouldn’t be wise to keep the dog inside the house all day long like smaller dogs. If you can, allow the dog the opportunity to express itself in a constructive manner, either by playing with it or by putting it to work somehow.

Interestingly enough, a Corgi Lab Mix is drawn to water more than any other dog its size. The dog will actively seek out the opportunity to swim and mess around in any body of water it encounters, so be prepared to give it a good scrub from time to time just for the sake of the dog’s aquatic needs.



Apart from the trouble they might get themselves into if they are neglected for extended periods of time, these dogs rarely display any antisocial tendencies. As a matter of fact, they are extremely friendly and compassionate around not only their owners but other people as well.

It is also common for these dogs to socialize with other dogs and pets, especially with dogs who share their energy and enthusiasm. It is their enthusiastic nature, in fact, that should worry you to some extent. Not in the sense that they get aggressive or impulsive, but rather because of how loud they can be.

You see, this is the type of dog that always has something to say or complain about. Endearing at first, the routine gets old quick when you have to interact with the dog on a regular basis. In this respect, you will have to learn how to control the dog’s impulses and figure out a way to calm it down when it gets too loud.

Is A Corgi Lab Mix A Good Family Dog?

As long as you socialize the dog properly from an early age, you should have no issues with the dog fitting into your family structure.

Bear in mind, however, that these dogs need to be around children a lot when they’re pups so that they learn how children behave and how to respond to their impulsive nature.

Seeing how these dogs are fairly impulsive themselves, they can get along with energetic children very well provided that they’ve been properly introduced. Not just that but children seem to be more than capable to match their constant need for action.


Caring For A Corgi Lab Mix

It goes without saying that a Corgi Lab Mix has roughly the same needs as both of its parent breeds. This includes the grooming that the Labrador requires and the constant need for action that comes with the Corgi blood. All in all, this is the type of dog that needs a fair amount of care and attention.

Although easy to groom by most standards, these dogs need ample room to roam on a regular basis along with all the exercising that goes with this. At the same time, Corgidors require very little special care when compared to most purebreds, which is definitely a big plus all things considered.

One should also understand that despite not having high maintenance costs, these dogs can be quite expensive if purchased from a reputable breeder. If possible, you should try your very best to adopt a Corgidor without having to rely on breeders of any kind.


It goes without saying that a dog as active and energetic as this would require a hefty amount of exercise on a daily basis. In fact, you are advised to take the dog for a walk at least twice a day or even three or four times if you have the possibility to do so.

At the same time, bear in mind that each exercise session should take up to 60 minutes or more and that it should not be too repetitive. This is because the Corgidor is a rather intelligent pooch, the type of dog that can get easily distraught and become anxious over time if it gets complacent with the routine.

As previously stated, know that these dogs love water and will welcome the opportunity to swim in any body of water they are presented with. This may include pools or pods but they are equally fond of swimming in the ocean, lakes, or rivers of any size.

Grooming & Shedding

You can expect a Corgi Lab Mix to have short to medium length hair that doesn’t really require a lot of grooming on a daily basis. The dog also doesn’t shed that much in the first place, although it does tend to leave some hair behind from time to time.

You are advised to brush the dog about twice a week or even more often than that if the dog shows signs of shedding more. Then again, this might be caused by something in the dog’s diet or its exercise routine.

Rare health conditions can also cause the dog to shed its hair more than usual, but this is another story altogether.


Feeding & Diet

Given the dog’s high energy reserves, you can expect it to have quite the appetite. It is therefore advised that you feed the dog between 700 and 1,200 calories a day depending on how active it is.

If it’s within your means, you should also try and feed the dog about 2-3 cups of kibble on a daily basis, even more than that if the dog is extremely active.

Bear in mind that these dogs are constantly hungry and that they require a lot of activity to burn off excess calories. It is for this reason that these dogs are prone to obesity, especially if they live a sedentary lifestyle that restricts their access to activities that might help them burn excess fat.

Known Health Problems

The Corgi Lab Mix is prone to a few health issues that you should definitely look for if you end up bringing one into your home. Among them, the dog can suffer from Arthritis and dislocated kneecaps. They may also suffer from eye problems in some cases.

Speaking of which, the Corgidor is known for its eye problems, especially cataracts and central progressive retinal atrophy. If left untreated or unaddressed, these issues can lead to severe eye conditions and even blindness. That aside, the dog can live up to 14 years or more under normal circumstances.

How To Train A Corgi Lab Mix

Because of how restless these dogs are, you are advised to establish clear boundaries with the dog from the moment you bring it into your home. Doing so will ensure that it responds well to your training sessions later on while making sure that it will always pay close attention to your commands and behavioral patterns.

You see, these are clever dogs that tend to pick up on your behavior and respond accordingly over time. Capable of picking up on subtle cues, these dogs will respond well enough to any training attempt that makes good use of their energetic nature.

If possible, try to incorporate play sessions in between training sessions. Do so to the point where the dog barely distinguishes between training, exercising, or playtime. It may sound silly but these dogs love to please and will never back down from a challenge if it’s presented to them in a fun and entertaining way.

Quick Breed Summary Table

Breed Information
Size 10 to 24 inches
Weight 30 to 70 lbs
Lifespan 10 to 14 years
Color Yellow, tan, black, white, red, and brown
Coat Short to medium length
Shedding & Grooming The dog rarely sheds
Temperament Friendly, affectionate, loyal, restless
With Other Pets The dog gets well enough with other pets
People Skills They love to be around people
With Children Good with children if properly socialized
Exercise Needs About 60 minutes per session, twice a day
Food Between 700 and 1,200 calories a day
Known Health Problems Arthritis, dislocated kneecaps, cataracts, and central progressive retinal atrophy

All Things Considered

Although not your average Labrador or Corgi, this hybrid pooch tends to incorporate the best of what both of the parent breeds have to offer. In this respect, you can expect the dog to be friendly, energetic, affectionate, and always looking to please its owners.

They also respond very well to anyone who shows them any amount of affection on a regular basis. This makes them decent family dogs but lousy guard dogs in the traditional sense.

Even so, they grow very attached to their family members and can even get a bit overprotective from time to time, just not in the way a guard dog would.

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