Corgi Pug Mix: The Porgi, Breed Facts and Information

An Unconventional Corgi With A Pug's Big Heart

Despite how you might feel about designer breeds, you cannot deny that both Corgis and Pugs are beautiful dogs to look at. In this respect, how can a mix between the two be anything but gorgeous, friendly, lovable, and goofy enough to be considered a good family dog?

Considering how popular Corgis and pugs are, you can imagine that many times when the two breed isn’t just by deliberate choice from the breeders. It just so happens that the Corgi and Pug crossbreed plenty on their own accord, without any human intervention.

That said, there are indeed efforts from some breeders to create a perfect mix between these very popular dog breeds. Taking their efforts into account, we will try over the next few minutes to learn more about these interesting dogs and how they came to be so popular in the first place.

What Is A Corgi Pug Mix?

Also called Porgies in some cases, the Corgi Pug Mix came to be as a cross between two of the most popular dogs in the world – the Corgi and the Pug. Needless to say, because of the fact that both of the parent breeds make excellent family dogs, the resulting crossbreed also shares plenty of their good traits.

Seeing how both of the parent breeds are small dogs by nature, the resulting mix is also rather small. In regards to looks, the Corgi Pug Mix tends to inherit a little bit of both, with a heavier accent on the Corgi heritage for some reason.

If people’s accounts are anything to go by, then the Porgi can surely be considered a good family dog on account of how playful, goofy, and friendly this dog can be. Also, the dog is fairly low-maintenance by most standards, not just in regards to feeding but grooming as well.


The average Corgi Pug Mix inherits the short, stumpy legs of the Corgi as well as the long back. At the same time, the dog may also inherit the Pug’s flat face but this tends to happen less often than many people would want.

As for the coat, the dog tends to have a short coat that may either be thick and coarse or smooth and fine. More so, the face of the dog tends to reflect which of the parent genes were stronger, so if the dog resembles a Pug more, the chances are that the rest of its physical traits are similar to those of a Pug.


Height & Weight

Given the dog’s diminutive size, you shouldn’t expect the dog to grow taller than 10 to 13 inches in height. Regardless of which parent the dog takes from, the height rarely gets over maybe 13 inches, although there have been cases in which these types of dogs were a bit taller.

In regards to the dog’s weight, most of these little dogs grow between 18 to 30 lbs under normal circumstances. Needless to say, their weight will also be affected by the diet, lifestyle, and exercise levels, not to mention any medical afflictions they might suffer from.

Coat & Colors

Most Porgis take on a light, fawn coloring, similar to that of a Pug. Along with the fawn coloring, the dog will also exhibit a dark muzzle on average, although in some cases the muzzle may come with a flat face in the case where the dog takes after a Corgi.

The coat of a Corgi Pug Mix tends to be short and straight yet fairly dense as far as coats go. As for the color, it can either be fawn-like most Porgis or black, red, and brown in more peculiar and rare cases in which the dog exhibits a more diverse set of features.

Corgi Pug Mix Personality & Temperament

On average, these dogs are very loving, loyal, and affectionate toward their owners and other pets. This makes them excellent companions and all-round great family dogs. In fact, they are some of the most relaxed and patient dogs out there.

That said, bear in mind that these dogs are prone to separation anxiety on account of how loving and affectionate they are. It is for this reason that anyone who’s looking to adopt a Porgi should dedicate time to show the dog the affection and care it requires.

Interestingly enough, these small dogs also exhibit herding instincts in some cases, yet this largely depends on the dog’s upbringing. Otherwise, the dog is pretty calm and well-behaved, especially in regards to how they interact with people.



Because of how friendly these dogs are, they require a constant stream of human attention to feel in their element. If they fail to receive enough attention, care, and affection, the dogs may react poorly to interaction and/or training.

They are also a playful breed, in the sense that they need to keep themselves occupied at all times. This is common with most Corgis, not so much with Pugs. The Porgis, however, love to play around every chance they get, and love any attention they get when doing so.

Keep in mind that these dogs sometimes showcase herding instincts and that they will try to ‘herd’ any small children in their vicinity. This makes the Porgi a good family dog to some extent, except if they resort to nipping and nudging which should always be discouraged.


Unless the Corgi Pug Mix is poorly trained, it will rarely if ever display any aggressive tendencies. That said, the dog possesses a strong herding instinct and will actively try to protect its family or ‘herd’ from any outside threats it detects.

One thing to point out about the Porgi is how incredibly friendly these dogs are. In this respect, they make friends with people rather easily, which kind of defeats their natural instinct to protect their family against foreign threats.

Although friendly, however, they still maintain a certain composure around strangers or people they don’t know that well. A good way to ensure that the dog maintains its natural inclination to react passively toward people is to socialize them from an early age.

Is A Corgi Pug Mix A Good Family Dog?

Obviously. The dog not only has a strong herding instinct that helps it when interacting with children of all ages but it can also exhibit a fairly strong protective behavior. Although not as determined as other dogs, it still has the capacity to determine whether his/her family needs any assistance.

Interestingly enough, the dog will sometimes nip at a family member’s heels, especially children. This is a result of their herding instinct as the dog tries to protect the family from any perceived threats it identifies.


Caring For A Corgi Pug Mix

These dogs have a lot of spunk in them but they fall short of having a strong physique or health that would allow them to engage in certain activities. As such, you should ensure that the dog gets enough exercise on a daily basis without pushing him/her too hard.

Also important to know is that these dogs can be a little stubborn, which makes it difficult at times to groom and train the dog as you normally would. Of course, many of these traits can be controlled via proper training but it’s not a certainty by any means.


A Corgi Pug Mix is not exactly energetic as far as the Corgi heritage would have you believe. In fact, the dog is more like a Pug in that regard, which makes exercising the dog a bit difficult. While some of these pups exhibit a lot of energy early on, that tends to change as the dog grows older.

Now, these dogs require daily exercise to maintain their good health, but bot a lot of it. All you need to do is take the dog out for a walk twice a day for it to be happy. As a matter of fact, the walks don’t even have to be that long actually.

Grooming & Shedding

These dogs have short hair yet they shed heavily throughout the year. With a dog like this, you will have to brush the dog on a daily basis, preferably with a pin brush, slicker brush, or a de-shedder. The choice is usually up to you, as long as you remember to also wash the dog on a monthly basis.

When grooming the dog, remember to clean their ears and keep their nails clipped. If you have the possibility, take the dog to see a professional groomer every once in a while. If not, then at least educate yourself on how to best provide the dog with the grooming it requires.

Feeding & Diet

As you may already know, both the Corgi and the Pug are well-known for their appetite, which unfortunately means that the resulting Porgi will also share this trait. Because of their love for food, these dogs are prone to obesity, so one should always beware of what they feed the dog and how often they do it.

Always remember to match your dog’s eating habits with its exercise habits. This way, you never risk overfeeding the dog while also getting a good grasp on what your dog likes to eat and how often. On average, two daily meals should be enough for a dog that isn’t too active.


Known Health Problems

Because of their short legs and long bodies, these dogs are prone to back and spinal issues. If you can, try to get a little information about the dog’s medical history before adopting, preferably along with a little info about the parents as well.

As we said earlier, these dogs are also prone to obesity because of their love for food. At the same time, the dogs may exhibit some breathing problems in some rare cases, along with certain eye conditions that may manifest as the dog gets older.

How To Train A Corgi Pug Mix

As long as you remember that the Corgi Pug Mix is a stubborn dog by nature, you will realize that you need to be very patient when training it. A good way to do that is to encourage positive behavior with some treats and praise.

Having said that, know that the dog is very eager to please and will go to extreme lengths just to please its owners. This means that it will easily pick up on your disappointment and strive to improve as long as you two maintain a healthy relationship.

Quick Breed Summary Table

Breed Information
Size 10 to 13 inches
Weight 15 to 30 lbs
Lifespan 10 to 15 years
Color Fawn, black, sable, and red
Coat Short and thick
Shedding & Grooming Constant shedding, requires daily brushing
Temperament Very friendly and affectionate
With Other Pets Gets along with other pets regardless of size
People Skills Amazing people skills, rarely shows aggression
With Children Very good with children on account of their herding instincts
Exercise Needs Rarely need to be taken for walks
Food Pretty much anything as long as it’s in moderation
Known Health Problems Obesity, eye problems, breathing issues in rare cases

All Things Considered

No matter how you look at it, the Corgi Pug Mix makes an excellent family dog in more ways than one. Although not a purebred, the mix incorporates the best traits of both the Corgi and the Pug, which recommend the mix for any family that’s looking for a friendly little pet.

Because of how well they get along with not only children but other dogs as well, these dogs are also very easy to socialize and they are bound to fit into any family dynamic as long as you are patient with them and provide them the affection and attention they require.

All in all, the Corgi Pug Mix isn’t so much a reputable pooch in its own right but rather a mixture of what makes the Corgi and the Pug so famous. So in a way, the Porgi is a 2-in1 package that requires little more than affection and basic care.

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