German Shepherd Boxer Mix: A Guard Dog With A Peculiar Look

Combining a loyal, reliable, and intelligent dog like the German Shepherd with an energetic one like the Boxer is bound to produce some pretty interesting results. So interesting, in fact, that this unusual crossbreed is rapidly rising in popularity for all the right reasons.

Not only is the German Shepherd Boxer Mix an energetic and hardworking dog but it also showcases an exquisite intelligence. Due to its unique traits, the dog can be trained to do almost anything provided that you take the time to approach the training process with great patience.

We say this because the German Shepherd Boxer Mix isn’t exactly a patient dog, even despite its Shepherd heritage. In fact, the dog is fairly goofy and playful, more playful than both the Boxer and the German Shepherd by some margin.

What Is A German Shepherd Boxer Mix?

It would be safe to presume that whoever first mixed a German Shepherd with a Boxer wanted to create a powerful, energetic, yet highly dependable dog. To some extent, this is precisely what the German Shepherd Boxer Mix actually is.

That said, you shouldn’t expect this peculiar hybrid to possess the remarkable intelligence of the German Shepherd, mostly because of how impatient the Boxer side of the mix makes it to be. So anxious, in fact, that people who own such a dog are quicker to remark on its playfulness rather than its problem-solving abilities.

With that in mind, try to understand that this is a large dog with an alert state of mind, a dog that’s always looking after its owner’s needs. This is the type of dog that you can depend on to not only help you with your work and keep you company but to amuse you as well.


Seeing how this dog can either take after the Shepherd or the Boxer, there is no sure way to tell how the puppies will look like beforehand. On average, however, these dogs have a muscular build and an athletic physique on top of a fairly energetic nature.

Because of how imposing they tend to look, they make very good guard dogs by most standards. Although not as good as purebred Shepherds, of course, but still imposing enough to suit a more versatile role along with their guard dog duties.

Also worth mentioning is that these dogs have a very serious look on their face, the type that rarely draws people’s attention. If anything, this is the type of dog that tells people to back off, and that kind of adds to its overall value as a guard dog.


Height & Weight

The German Shepherd Boxer Mix can grow to be between 23 and 27 inches tall, with females being a bit shorter than the males. The height can alter on account of who the dog takes after, so if the dog takes after the boxer than the dog will roughly be a bit shorter.

As for the weight, most of these dogs weigh between 65 and 95 lbs depending on sex, diet, lifestyle, and exercise intensity. Even so, you can expect the females to be about 20-30 lbs lighter than the males who may sometimes go over 100 lbs.

Coat & Colors

Know that many of these dogs have brown coats but that it can vary from chocolate brown to a lighter tan. In some cases, the dogs may even be black overall or have black patches or a mask over their face and muzzle depending on their genetics. When this happens, you may also see the occasional light grey patch appear on the head and face.

Because of their mixed heritage, these dogs have double coats that shed moderately throughout the year with a heavier frequency during spring and fall. As such, the dog requires that you brush it on a weekly basis, or even daily when the dog begins its shedding periods.

German Shepherd Boxer Mix Personality & Temperament

This is a dog that was genetically designed to protect as well as provide companionship, so you can expect roughly the same protection that a Shepherd would provide, along with the energetic and affectionate behavior of a Boxer.

Not to say that they are just as good as Shepherds in regards to protection and overall loyalty, but they tend to stay by their masters no matter what. At the same time, however, they don’t really take themselves seriously the same way a Shepherd would, which makes them pleasant companions.

Furthermore, know that these dogs rarely display aggressive tendencies and that even when they do, it is usually a result of a direct threat rather than their nature. As far as their temperament goes, they are more inclined to play with people rather than threaten them in any way.



This is the type of dog that requires not only attention but respect and understanding as well. Being the intelligent dogs that they are, they require that you pay enough attention to their needs on a daily basis for them not to disengage or take up any bad habits over time.

A good way to ensure that you have a mutual understanding with the dog is to socialize it from an early age. With smart dogs such as these, you may even develop your own language over time, one comprised of hints, gestures, and subtle moves to let the dog know how you’re feeling and what your expectations are from him.

Having said that, remember that these are work dogs that always need something to do. Whether you have a task for them or not, you will need to engage them constantly and perhaps come up with ways to stimulate their keen mind and inquisitive nature.


As we already pointed out, these are not aggressive dogs by any means, but even so, their impressive physique makes them a force to be reckoned with. In a way, they may hurt people who challenge them even if by trying to scare them away or nip at them defensively.

Because of how strong they are, they will sometimes forget their own strength and end up injuring their owners and family. You can avoid that, of course, by setting up boundaries for the dog from an early age, a set of rules that you should introduce to the dog as soon as you bring it into your home.

It should also be said that these dogs rarely bark and will only do so when they perceive an immediate threat or when their routine is being changed or ignored. That said, know that these dogs are suspicious of strangers and will avoid bonding with other people when you’re not around.

Is A German Shepherd Boxer Mix A Good Family Dog?

When you consider how well-adjusted and dependable both the Boxer and the German Shepherd are, any mix between the two of them is bound to be just as reliable as them. With the right routine, training, and lifestyle, the German Shepherd Boxer Mix makes a very dependable and loyal guard dog.

Now, due to how versatile these mixed dogs are when compared to the Shepherd and the Boxer, you can expect them to be a lot friendlier and patient. These dogs are so tolerant of people they like, in fact, that they almost never step out of line or engage in any behavior that might be interpreted as aggressive.


Caring For A German Shepherd Boxer Mix

Despite how entertaining it can be to own such dogs, caring for them is no walk in the park. Mind you, these dogs require a lot of space to roam and don’t really fare well in restrictive environments like small houses or apartments.

Those of you who are aware of how difficult it is to care for a German Shepherd or a Boxer should understand how tedious it can be to look after a mix between the two. One of the biggest challenges in this regard is to keep the dog entertained and otherwise occupied.

More than the grooming, feeding, and exercising requirements these dogs have, owners are often challenged by the difficulty of stimulating the dog on a mental level. Because of its genetic heritage, the dog can be quite stubborn and unwilling to compromise.


This is an active dog by most accounts, one that needs to be on its feet throughout the day. A dog like this needs to not only be allowed to run around freely but to be physically stimulated at all times to avoid mental and physical complications farther down the line.

On average, these dogs need about 90 minutes of daily exercise at the very least. In this respect, you can split the dog’s daily activities into two 30-minute walks and combine those with an extra 30 minutes of just playing around with the dog.

Grooming & Shedding

Due to their short coat, these dogs are easy to groom for the most part, although they shed heavily during the spring and fall. While you aren’t required to brush them more than once a week under normal circumstances, you will have to intensify your efforts when the dog blows its coat.

Bear in mind that these dogs require that special attention be given to their floppy ears which are prone to develop some pretty nasty infections. To avoid that, you will have to wipe the ears clean of any dirt and grime that the dog might accumulate during its daily walks.

Feeding & Diet

Regulated daily meals are paramount for energetic dogs like the German Shepherd Boxer Mix. People who own these types of dogs say that they enjoy raw and whole meat diets, but that you should portion the meals carefully to avoid overfeeding the dogs.

It seems that these dogs need about 1,200 calories per day in the form of two daily meals. You can add about three cups of kibble to these meals if your dog lives an active enough lifestyle to burn through its regular energy reserves.


Known Health Problems

Although quite healthy for the most part, these dogs are prone to Hip Dysplasia and Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency. As you may already know, many medium and large dogs are prone to hip dysplasia and the German Shepherd Boxer Mix is no different.

As for the EPI, know that it is a pancreatic disorder that affects the dog’s capacity to properly absorb nutrients from food. That aside, a healthy German Shepherd Boxer Mix should live between 10 to 12 years if you take good care of it.

How To Train A German Shepherd Boxer Mix

Being the intelligent dogs that they are, most of them will respond very well to training routines of any nature. It does seem, however, that clicker training works very well with these types of dogs, which should always be paired with a rewards system.

Keep in mind that these dogs resent domination tactics and will often ‘rebel’ against an owner they consider to be abusive. To put it bluntly, these dogs have a strong personality and will only respond well to training methods they agree with.

Quick Breed Summary Table

Breed Information
Size 23 to 27 inches
Weight 65 to 95 lbs
Lifespan 10 to 12 years
Color Brown, light tan, rarely black
Coat Medium to long coat
Shedding & Grooming Heavy twice a year, moderate otherwise
Temperament Very intelligent, active, loyal, and reliable
With Other Pets Get along well enough with other pets if properly socialized
People Skills Good with people they know, distrustful of strangers
With Children Should probably be supervised around small children
Exercise Needs 90 minutes on a daily basis as a minimum
Food Raw of whole meat diet along with kibble
Known Health Problems Hip dysplasia, exocrine pancreatic insufficiency


All Things Considered

Looking at how impressive this dog is when you consider its personality, behavior, and temperament, I guess you could do a whole lot worse than adopting a German Shepherd Boxer Mix. Known for their loyalty, these dogs are great for not only companionship but guard duties as well.

Also remember that they are very intelligent dogs that you can train to follow any routine you want them to follow. To do that, you need to exhibit a moderate amount of patience and to be mindful of the dog’s needs and requirements.

Caroline Jones

Caroline has been a dog lover since she was only 6 years old, when her parents got her a rescue Boxer. Since then her love for dogs has lead her to study Dog Behavior & Welfare. She now educates people on how to properly raise and care for dogs, through her online site, Bark Friend. Now, she's a proud owner of a beautiful German Shepherd.

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