13 Interesting Great Dane Mix Breeds: An Introduction To Giant Crossbreeds

The epitome of a gentle giant, the Great Dane enjoys a tremendous popularity around the world not just for its good looks but also for its loyalty and devotion. Handsome to look at, this giant dog loves spending time around people and requires constant attention at all times.

Very affectionate dogs by nature, Great Danes are definitely difficult to keep because of their high maintenance. Even so, you simply cannot put a price on the joy of owning such a stunning and lovable giant, a dog that will showcase exemplary devotion and reliability towards its owners.

Given how popular these dogs are pretty much everywhere on Earth, it comes as no surprise that people have tried and succeeded to breed them with other breeds in an effort to enhance their traits while perhaps adding a set of other useful characteristics to the mix.

Let us then delve into the world of Great Dane Mix Breeds in an attempt to find out more about what makes a good Great Dane crossbreed and what physical and mental characteristics one needs to consider if they ever think about adopting one.

Great Hound – Great Dane Bloodhound Mix


We start off our journey by looking at the Great Hound, an interesting mix consisting of Great Dane and Bloodhound genes. As expected, this is a large dog, one that can weigh up to 200 lbs as a fully grown adult, a dog that stands out from afar for its distinctive look.

Despite their size, these are very friendly dogs that enjoy spending time with their owners at all times. When they’re not around for long periods of time, however, the dog can get quite stressed and separation anxiety can get the best of him.

At the same time, know that this dog can be quite stubborn and that it needs a firm hand guiding it from the moment you first bring it into your home. By establishing a rapport with the pup, you will be able to control the spectacular, titanic adult it will develop into later on.

Weimar Dane – Great Dane Weimaraner Mix


Although not that popular, the Weimar Dane is still sought-after to some extent, mostly by people who want a large yet energetic dog. Speaking of which, the Weimar Dane is known for its love of the outdoors and exercise in general.

Playful and lively, this dog has a high-energy drive and will always look for ways to spend its energy reserves. Unless you are able to provide such relief, the dog might get mischievous and lash out by causing damage around the household, be it by chewing shoes or furniture.

Another thing to point out about the Weimar Dane is how vocal these dogs can get. So vocal, in fact, that they make lousy apartment dogs by most standards. Then again, you wouldn’t adopt such a large dog if you didn’t have the conditions for it, would you?

Irish Dane – Great Dane Irish Wolfhound Mix


Another peculiar and interesting crossbreed is the Irish Dane, a dog that’s as massive as it is lovable. This unique mixed breed can grow very large in size and weigh around 180-200 lbs as a fully grown adult, making it one of the largest dogs in existence.

Because both of the parent breeds are calm and composed, you can expect the Irish Dane to be gentle and passive for the most part. Little can be done to antagonize the dog, actually, a calm temperament that makes it perfect for families with children and small pets.

Speaking of pets, these dogs get along with other animals and rarely get into fights with other dogs. Not only that but the dog rarely barks as well, a trait that few Danes share it seems. Still, the dog may not bite or bark but it still requires a lot of care and maintenance, not to mention the cost of food for such a large pooch.

Great Pyredane – Great Dane Great Pyrenees Mix


The Great Dane, when combined with a Great Pyrenees, makes a giant pooch we refer to as a Great Pyredane. This large dog seems to be one of the most independent Great Dane mixes, a dog that rarely seeks out companionship from other dogs.

Because these dogs can get quite vocal, you are advised to only adopt one of you live in a place where constant barking isn’t an issue. Then again, you would hardly consider getting such a large dog if you lived in a small apartment downtown.

The only real downside to owning such a dog should be the shedding. Know that the Great Puredane sheds quite a lot throughout the year and that you will have to brush the dog constantly for the sake of your carpets and bedsheets.

American Bull Dane – Great Dane American Bulldog Mix


The farther we delve into the world of Great Dane crossbreeds the more interesting the results it seems. The next interesting pooch, the American Bull Dane, is the direct result of combining an American Bulldog with a Great Dane, two dogs who are known for their affectionate behavior.

With the American Bull Dane, you can expect the dog to reach an impressive 190 lbs weight, quite a lot by most standards. Due to its size, the American Bull Dane makes an excellent guard dog, one that will have people question whether they should approach your property or not even if they don’t intend any harm.

With the good out of the way, I should probably mention a bit of the bad. You see, the American Bull Dane is prone to respiratory and eye issues, problems that the crossbreed inherits from the Bulldog side of the mix but also a series of bone problems on the side of the Great Dane.

Great Bernard – Great Dane Saint Bernard Mix


Sometimes referred to as a Saint Dane, the Great Bernard combines two very large dogs to create an equally gigantic pooch. To be more exact, these dogs can grow to be as heavy as 120 to 190 lbs, a size that makes them a liability for anyone who lives in an urban environment.

It also should be said that these dogs have a limited lifespan. On average, the Great Bernard lives between 7 to 10 years, much less than a smaller dog in that regard. Although short, their existence is usually filled with affection and loyalty, not just for their owners but for any people they interact with.

Remember that these large dogs have an appetite to match their size and that they require two large meals on a daily basis. Needless to say, the food alone could end up costing you an awful lot of money in the long run, so be sure that you can afford to care for such a unique dog before adopting one.

Great Shepherd – Great Dane German Shepherd Mix


Combining a noble dog like the German Shepherd with a gentle giant like the Great Dane was bound to create an interesting and unique mixed breed. This is precisely what the Great Shepherd is – a dependable yet massive dog that loves looking after its family and friends.

Nearly perfect guard dogs by their very nature, Great Shepherds can grow as heavy as 200 lbs. This means that they require a lot of care and attention, not to mention the huge amount of food they consume on a daily basis.

I should warn you that these aren’t the type of dogs you can afford to leave alone for too long. They tend to suffer from separation anxiety and will quickly resort to destroying shoes and furniture if left alone in the house for extended periods of time.

Daniff – Great Dane Mastiff Mix


A quite popular mix these days, the Daniff incorporates the best of what the Great Dane and the Mastiff have to offer. As such, the Daniff is a spectacular dog to look at, one that can grow as large as 230 lbs if kept on a healthy diet.

That said, the dog has moderate exercise requirements and doesn’t need too much grooming on a regular basis. This is because these dogs rarely shed and when they do, it can usually be dealt with with a regular brushing in a couple of minutes.

Try to remember that these large dogs can be quite stubborn and that they need a lot of training to develop the kind of obedience you surely need in order to be able to control them. With that out of the way, you can expect the Daniff to be a very affectionate and loyal dog.

Labradane – Great Dane Labrador Mix


This is one of the few dogs on our list who doesn’t stand out through its size alone but rather on account of its wonderful personality. This is owed to the Labradane’s Labrador genes, which make the dog a joy to interact with.

Very lively dog by nature, these energetic pooches enjoy spending time with their owners and partake in any activity they might have planned for the day. No matter how mundane or tiresome, the dog will always jump headfirst into action and have a whale of a time doing so., prompting you to do the same.

In many ways, the Labradane is an overly sized Labrador, or at least that’s what its behavior would have us believe. In this respect, they love to spend time around children and other pets and tend to showcase a goofy behavior while doing it.

Doberdane – Great Dane Doberman Mix


If you’re looking for a guard dog that can also double as a trusty companion, then you need a Doberdane even if you’re not yet fully aware of it yet. Weighing up at a whopping 190 lbs, this is a very large dog, one that looks imposing and intimidating at the same time.

This large dog is very gentle and affectionate despite its size, however, which seems to be a staple of all Great Dane mixes. If you provide it with a loving and calm environment, the dog will also make a trusty family dog provided that you supervise them during their interaction with your children and smaller pets.

Remember that although the Doberdane isn’t an aggressive dog in the traditional sense of the word, it may sometimes cause harm because of its impressive size and sheer strength. This is why it’s important to train the dog well and learn how to control its behavior even when it’s just being playful.

Boxane – Great Dane Boxer Mix


A mix between a Great Dane and a Boxer is guaranteed to exhibit a composed yet cautious temperament. In fact, these dogs can get quite stubborn later in life if they weren’t properly trained as pups, not to mention how sensitive some of them are.

Despite the fact that this dog can weigh up to 150 lbs, the Boxane is quite an agile dog. This is a dog that requires a fair bit of exercise on a daily basis and for the owner to engage them in play as often as they showcase a willingness to exhaust their massive energy reserves.

Known for its playful and lively personality, the Boxane can be a very good family dog as long as you act confident and certain in your commands and instructions for the dog. Once you establish a trusting relationship with the Boxane, you can expect it to show you unmatched affection and loyalty.

Great Danesky – Great Dane Siberian Husky Mix


This is yet another large mix, one that seems to incorporate the physical might of the Great Dane with the good looks and expressiveness of the Siberian Husky. As a matter of fact, these dogs are so expressive that you will sometimes get the impression that you’re dealing with a not-so-small child.

Because the dog can grow as heavy as 190 lbs, you are advised to only adopt such a dog if you can meet its needs and requirements. To be more precise, they need to spend a lot of time outdoors and to be allowed to roam free from time to time, preferably in a controlled environment.

Now, seeing how both the Great Dane and the Husky are known for their loyalty and dependability, you can expect the Great Danesky to also be the reliable type. In fact, the Great Danesky makes a perfect family dog on account of how gentle and affectionate it is, the type of dog who enjoys spending time around children with whom they seem to develop a very protective relationship.

Great Retriever – Great Dane Golden Retriever Mix


It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to say that any mixed breed that involves a Golden Retriever is bound to make a great family dog, and this is exactly what we’re faced with when we look at the Great Retriever.

This majestic dog enjoys spending time with people, especially with those he/she has a good relationship with. This may include you, your children, and any friends or family members that show affection to the dog from time to time. It is perhaps because of their friendliness that these dogs make inadequate guard dogs.

That said, know that these dogs can grow very large, up to 190 lbs to be more precise. Despite their size, however, these gentle giants are very patient and tolerant by nature, which means that they are always on their best behavior around children and smaller animals.

All things considered, a Great Retriever makes a perfect family dog and a trusty companion. If you do decide to adopt one, however, you should be prepared to provide the dog with the attention and care it requires because these friendly giants are prone to separation anxiety if left alone for too long.

Caroline Jones

Caroline has been a dog lover since she was only 6 years old, when her parents got her a rescue Boxer. Since then her love for dogs has lead her to study Dog Behavior & Welfare. She now educates people on how to properly raise and care for dogs, through her online site, Bark Friend. Now, she's a proud owner of a beautiful German Shepherd.

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