Husky Great Dane Mix: A Laid Back Gentle Giant

The combination between a Siberian Husky and a Great Dane produces a truly interesting crossbreed. Mind you, the Husky Great Dane Mix isn’t your average pooch by any means, not in regards to size, behavior, or personality.

In many ways, a Husky Great Dane Mix incorporates all the distinctive features of both the Great Dane and the Husky packaged in a dog like no other. What’s more, these dogs are enjoying a very fast rise in popularity in recent years and it’s easy to see why.

To some extent, people are always looking for new distinct dogs and the Husky Great Dane Mix is definitely one of them. Although not a new crossbreed by any means, it is still fairly unknown to most folks who want to adopt a Great Dane but do not have the means to care for one.

What Is A Husky Great Dane Mix?

First of all, this is a fairly large dog. This is the type of dog that you should only consider adopting if you have the resources and space for one. Perhaps not as big as a Great Dane, the Husky Great Dane Mix still stands out as a pretty big dog nonetheless.

One of the reasons why these dogs are seeing a recent rise in popularity is because of their impressive intelligence. To be precise, they seem to inherit the Husky’s big brain and combine it with the features that make the Great Dane popular in the first place.

Overall, this is a big dog that may or may not be friendly with other pets, especially dogs. Big and powerful, this is the type of dog you normally get if you already have experience owning dogs, not so much because of its behavior but due to how peculiar the dog is personality-wise.



As already established by now, this is a fairly large dog, one that requires a fair bit of care and maintenance. Not to say that it is difficult to look after as much as a regular Husky or Great Dane, but definitely, one that requires more attention than other dogs this size.

Appearance-wise, a Husky Great Dane Mix may look a bit unpredictable, which is the case with most hybrids. You can be certain, though, that this is a powerful dog that needs a lot of early socialization and a lot of special care.

Now, because the parent breeds have opposite types of coats, the appearance of a Husky Great Dane Mix can differ quite a lot in that regard. It isn’t uncommon for pups from the same litter to showcase different coat types and the same can be said about color.

Height & Weight

An average Husky Great Dane Mix can grow up to around 33 inches in height, which is around the same height that a Great Dane would reach. In some cases, however, these dogs can grow as tall as 36 inches depending on their genetics and upbringing.

As for the weight, you can expect a Husky Great Dane Mix to weigh around 120 lbs or so, with some of them growing as heavy as 130 lbs. Bear in mind that the males are usually 10-20 lbs heavier than the females, which seems to be the case with most large breeds.

Coat & Colors

Because of the fact that Huskies and Great Danes have different coat types, the Husky Great Dane Mix can have a very peculiar coat type. To put it bluntly, the hybrid can either inherit a Husky’s coat or the coat of a Great Dane, with very little variation between.

When it comes to color, the situation is a bit different. While Huskies have a consistent coat type just like the Great Danes, the hybrid doesn’t really have a consistent coat color. In this respect, the coat can either be sable, silver, or red, but it can also be brindle, fawn, and mantle in some cases.

Husky Great Dane Mix Personality & Temperament

It needs to be said that this is an independent dog and that it doesn’t really get along with small dogs. Because of its size, it usually towers over smaller animals, which may lead to behavioral problems at some point or another.

Now, a good owner might find ways to overlook their natural predisposition, but this requires an awful lot of work. Most owners seem to simply accept the fact that their Husky Great Dane Mix simply isn’t as social as other dogs.

You should also know that these dogs are difficult to train because of how stubborn they can be. Even so, the fact that it is an intelligent dog should tell you that as long as you have a good relationship with the dog, it will be more inclined to please you no matter what.



Seeing how this is a fairly large dog, it is advised that you give it plenty of room to roam. Needless to say, the dog doesn’t do well in small spaces and makes for an awful apartment dog. Then again, the size alone should tell you everything you need to know about the dog’s needs.

Also worth mentioning is that the dog sometimes gets moody with no explanation whatsoever. This is a common trait of most Huskies and hybrids based on the Husky, so as you can imagine, the Husky Great Dane Mix seems to follow through.

That said, know that it can definitely be coaxed into a more joyful state of mind provided that you have a good relationship with the dog. For that to happen you need to develop a relationship built on trust so that your dog will be inclined to mimic your behavior.


Although not particularly aggressive, a Husky Great Dane Mix can easily overwhelm smaller animals when playing. In some cases, the dog may even end up hurting the smaller animal even without intending to, so a lot of caution and supervision may be required when you two are out in public.

As a matter of fact, know that this dog doesn’t really do well with small pets like cats or rodents, mostly because of its prey drive. This prey drive makes it an energetic and willing playmate but a very difficult dog to socialize.

With these types of dogs, it is essential that you socialize them from an early age and by no means should you instill any aggressive behavior in them. Try your best to avoid conflict and situations where the dog might be required to fend for itself.


Is A Husky Great Dane Mix A Good Family Dog?

Truth be told, it kind of depends on the family. It goes without saying that you will need to supervise the dog during its early interactions with your family members, but this is to be expected from such a large dog.

Other than that, keep in mind that the dog has a high prey drive and that it may start to chase other animals around at random. With proper training, you can keep this type of behavior under control, even if they rarely lash out against people.

All things considered, this dog isn’t too active and actually enjoys spending time with people just relaxing on a couch somewhere. This is due to the dog’s placid personality that balances the Great Dane’s laid-back attitude with the Husky’s high energy drive.

Caring For A Husky Great Dane Mix

It is expected with hybrids to not be aware of how a litter will grow up to look like and so is the case with the Husky Great Dane Mix. Although their coat type and color may differ from one pup to another, they are all fairly large dogs by most standards.

They also require little grooming when compared to the Husky, but just about as much grooming as a Great Dane. This, of course, varies depending on the type of coat the pups inherit and also on the diet, lifestyle, and exercise levels of your pooch.

The dog also doesn’t usually require a lot of bathing or any complex type of grooming. As a matter of fact, they are very clean dogs by most accounts, the types of dogs that rarely get dirty when they’re out of the house.


This is a laid-back dog that requires less exercise than a Husky, yet a little more than a Great Dane. Either way, the dog should get the freedom its big body frame requires, preferably out in nature somewhere, like at a dog park or in a wood.

Despite how clean the dog is, it still enjoys spending time outdoors, so don’t be afraid to take the dog with you when you go camping or hiking. An average Husky Great Dane Mix may not be as energetic as a Husky but it certainly wants the option to roam around freely.

Also worth mentioning is that despite their size, these dogs are sometimes just as playful as smaller breeds. You should buy your dog a variety of toys that it can use to entertain itself whenever you are out of the house, but make sure the dogs are sturdy and durable.

Grooming & Shedding

As we already established early on, the dog doesn’t usually require a lot of grooming on a daily basis. Then again, this mostly depends on which type of coat the dog inherits, because different pups inherit different coat types.

If your Husky Great Dane Mix inherits a Husky coat, then you will need to groom it every week or so. Bear in mind that these dogs also shed heavily at least twice a year during spring and fall, along with all the regular shedding they do on a normal basis.

Know that if your dog has a Husky-like coat, you will cut your efforts short by investing in an undercoat rake. This is because dogs like these have thick double coats that require a lot of brushing to prevent the hair from getting tangled.


Feeding & Diet

It is essential that you feed a Husky Great Dane Mix high-protein food with a protein value of around 25% per serving. At the same time, you want to keep a close eye on carbohydrate consumption and make sure it is low enough to not interfere with the dog’s digestion.

On average, you want to feed a Husky Great Dane Mix about twice a day. These meals need to incorporate ingredients like wheat, barley, and oats. Furthermore, avoid overfeeding them as they are predisposed to obesity and a series of bone issues.

While on the subject of food and dangerous eating habits, know that this type of dog sometimes enjoys eating vegetables just as much as meat. This by no means should prompt you to replace meat in the dog’s diet plan, but perhaps add some vegetables to the mix from time to time.

Known Health Problems

Speaking of health problems, you should know that a Husky Great Dane Mix suffers from the same issues that plague most hybrid dogs. On top of all that, the fact that it is a fairly large dog means that it may also develop issues related to their big bones.

In this regard, Husky Great Dane Mix dogs are prone to Hip Dysplasia and Osteosarcoma. While the first one is quite common among crossbreeds, Osteosarcoma is a more peculiar disease, one that commonly affects large breeds.

Along with these issues, a Husky Great Dane Mix may also suffer from Bloat or Gastric Dilatation and Volvulus. In some cases, these hybrids have been known to also suffer from Progressive Retinal Atrophy.

How To Train A Husky Great Dane Mix

Considering how large these dogs can get, you want to begin training the pup within the first weeks of bringing it into your home. In other words, you want to take advantage of the pup’s reduced size and instill a certain sense of discipline into the dog before it gets too large to handle.

Speaking of which, always employ positive reinforcement when training the dog and make sure to expose it to other dogs and pets. While you’re at it, socialize the dog extensively so that it learns how to tolerate other dogs and people.


Quick Breed Summary Table

Breed Information
Size 21 to 36 inches
Weight 90 to 130 lbs
Lifespan 10 to 12 years
Color Mixed colors, mainly cream, brown, brindle, and fawn
Coat Short or thick depending on heritage
Shedding & Grooming Little to excessive depending on heritage
Temperament Gentle, loyal, cuddly
With Other Pets Not that great with other pets
People Skills They prefer people’s company over other dogs
With Children Great with children
Exercise Needs Fairly limited, around 30 min a day
Food They require protein-rich foods with low carbohydrate composition
Known Health Problems Hip Dysplasia, Osteosarcoma, Gastric Dilatation, Volvulus, Progressive Retinal Atrophy

All Things Considered

Truth be told, this isn’t your average family dog, not by a long shot. Even so, a Husky Great Dane Mix can make a very good companion provided that you train it well. Not just that but their laid-back temperament also makes them ideal cuddlers.

On a related note, know that these dogs can be very good with children, especially teenagers. Strong yet cuddly, they seem to prefer people’s company over other dogs and animals, which may explain why they represent such an exquisite choice for anyone looking to adopt a crossbreed.

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