12 Adorable Papillon Mix Breeds: A Detailed Introduction To Papillon Crossbreeds

The Papillon is sometimes called a Continental Toy Spaniel on account of the fact that it is among the oldest breed in the Spaniel group. As the name would suggest, the dog does resemble a Spaniel in some minor capacity, but not enough to stand out because of it.

Despite its diminutive size, the Papillon is a very athletic dog, one that enjoys spending energy by running around and engaging in long playtime sessions with people and other dogs alike. Still, the dog barely grows over 10 lbs in weight, so don’t expect its athleticism to be the word one might use to describe it.

What most Papillon owners observe by caring for the dog is how unaware it seems of its own size. In fact, the Papillon is the perfect example of a big dog trapped in a smaller dog’s body, the type of dog that never backs down in the face of danger, no matter how fierce the situation may seem.

Due to its impressive behavior and courageous personality, many people have attempted to breed the Papillon with likewise breeds in an effort to bolster its remarkable traits. Over the next few minutes, we will take a closer look at some of the most successful results ever recorded.

Papshund – Papillon Dachshund Mix


By combining a purebred Papillon with a Dachshund, breeders were capable of achieving a mixed breed that incorporates the butterfly ears of the Papillon and the elongated body of the Dachshund. The similarities do not end there, mind you, as the Paphund also exhibits the personality traits that both these energetic dogs share.

Speaking of which, the Paphund is known for being an active dog that needs plenty of exercise to stay healthy. That said, its elongated body may make it difficult for the dog to work out its huge energy reserves because of its inability to handle basic jumps.

Even so, the Paphund is an adorable dog to look at, one that loves to spend time cuddling its owners as often as it gets the chance. Even so, keep in mind that these dogs are prone to quite a few health issues that may include eye diseases, slipped discs, diabetes mellitus, and patella luxation.

Papastzu – Papillon Shih Tzu Mix


This beautiful dog came about after mixing a Papillon with a Shih Tzu, both considered spectacular dogs by most accounts. Aside from its looks, the dog also bolsters a wonderful personality with a lot of confidence and plenty of affection to give.

On account of its affection, the Papastzu makes a great family dog, one that enjoys spending time with children and other family pets. In fact, it rarely if ever expresses any form of aggression towards not only people but other household pets as well.

The life expectancy of a Papastzu is around 12 to 15 years but the dog can live a lot longer if it doesn’t develop any life-threatening health issues. Speaking of which, the dog is prone to deafness, eye diseases, patellar luxation, and mitral valve dysplasia.

Papeagle – Papillon Beagle Mix


Also referred to as a Beagllon, the Papeagle is renowned for its lovable and affectionate behavior. This is the type of dog that tends to get along with everyone, especially with other dogs that it interacts with or other small animals.

Despite being as small as they are, these dogs are prone to obesity because of their insatiable appetite. In this respect, the owners need to pay close attention to the dog’s diet and to not give in to the dog’s constant demand for food.

It also has to be said that these dogs are moderate shedders and that they require a bi-weekly brushing to maintain their beautiful coat. In terms of bathing, you should probably bathe the dog once a month if it spends a lot of time outside or once ever five weeks if it spends most days indoors.

Pugpapillon – Papillon Pug Mix


Although not as common as other Papillon mixes, the Pugpapillon does have its appeal on account of its unique looks. It is because of its looks, in fact, that they are bred in the first place, even if it comes at the expense of some serious health concerns.

As such, know that the Pugpapillon inherits some serious breathing problems from the Pug part of the genetic package. This is because of their small noses and short snouts that make breathing difficult for this small and peculiar-looking dog.

That aside, the dog is a heavy shedder and requires weekly grooming to maintain its pleasant coat. Not just that but the dog also requires daily teeth brushing because of the likelihood that it may inherit dental issues from the parents.

Jackrussillon – Papillon Jack Russell Mix


Known for its sassy and mischievous nature, the Jackrussillon makes for a very active and playful pet. Needless to say, this recommends it for any family with small children and other pets, the type of environment the Jackrussillon requires to stay healthy and entertained.

With small dogs, you always have to consider the possibility that they will suffer from separation anxiety if you leave them alone for too long. This is also an issue with this particular dog, one that thrives on interacting with people as often as possible, a dog that will likely suffer from being alone in the house all day long.

Now, I should point out that due to its size, this goofy dog doesn’t eat that much. It eats so little, in fact, that you could probably feed it one cup of dry food per day as long as the food is of high quality and contains all the nutrients that such an energetic dog requires.

Japillon – Papillon Japanese Chin Mix


This is a designer mix of the purebred Papillon and the Japanese Chin, two dogs that are well-known around the world for their diminutive size. Considered toy breeds by most standards, these two breeds produce a crossbreed that inherits many of the characteristics that people love about the Papillon and the Chin.

In many ways, the Japillon is considered a wonderful companion dog, one that enjoys spending time with people more than it enjoys the company of other dogs. Not to say that they have any issues with other dogs, just that they prefer people, especially children.

They prefer human companionship so much, in fact, that they can easily get depressed and show signs of separation anxiety if separated from their family for too long. Then again, this is a common issue for many if not most toy breeds.

French Bullpap – Papillon French Bulldog Mix


The French Bullpap isn’t your average mixed breed, or at least not in the way most mixed breeds present themselves. Personality-wise, the French Bullpap seems to have its own flavor, a breed that combines a mischievous attitude with a constant need for attention that neither the Papillon or the Bulldog have.

As a result, this hybrid dog is considered a very unique breed in its own right, one that has its own quirks and flaws. One such flaw is the dog’s inability to swim, an issue that very few dogs have seeing how most dogs know how to swim by virtue of their genetic heritage.

Furthermore, know that the Frech Bullpap hates to be left alone for too long, more so than any other mix we talked about so far. It also requires a hefty dose of daily exercise and can develop some serious heart problems otherwise.

Papkita – Papillon Akita Mix


Those of you who know dogs are well aware of the tremendous popularity that the Akita enjoys across the world, so any mix involving an Akita is bound to be rare and pricey. As expected, these are the exact characteristics that describe the Papkita, a mix that combines the muscular physique of the Akita with the adorable good looks of the Papillon.

Papkita dogs tend to make excellent family dogs on account of their affectionate nature but also due to their unconditional loyalty. Courageous and dignified, this new-ish mixed breed is quickly rising in popularity for all the right reasons it seems, because the dog is nothing short of perfect.

It would be difficult to find any flaws with this particular breed because these dogs are usually very healthy, energetic, and strong. They also have strong personalities and require a firm hand to guide them, thus the need for any potential owner to take the dog’s training sessions seriously.

PapilldorPapillon Labrador Mix


No mix involving a Labrador could possibly be a boring dog and neither is the Papilldor. This energetic and goofy dog loves to play around and get itself into trouble due to the heaps of energy it possesses on account of the Labrador heritage.

Although an obscure breed in many ways, the Papilldor is considered a good family dog, one that has a history as a working dog as well. Pleasant to have around, the Papilldor requires a confident and steady owner, one that will provide it with the discipline and care it requires.

At the same time, these dogs require a lot of exercise to relieve themselves of all the extra energy they possess. This makes them perfect for families with children and adults that live an active life and can therefore engage the dog in both play and exercise.

Poopapillon / Papipoo – Papillon Poodle Mix


You can refer to this interesting breed either as a Papipoo or a Poopapillon, depending on which one you prefer more. When it comes down to it, it matters very little what you call the dog as long as you acknowledge its powerful personality and natural good looks.

Because of the parent breeds, the Poopapillon is a very energetic dog and it requires a nutrient-rich diet to keep going all day. Just as important is that you exercise the dog thoroughly on a daily basis and that you take it out for walks at least twice a day.

Other than that, you should know that the Papipoo is an intelligent dog that loves pleasing its owners. Due to its intelligence, you will find the dog very easy to train, even if you’re trying to get the dog to perform elaborate tricks.

Paperanian – Papillon Pomeranian Mix


Standing out through its interesting look, the Paperanian is without a doubt, one of the most successful Papillon mixes. This dog has a small frame but a curly tail, black eyes, erect ears, and a long, dense fur that stretches throughout his body, especially around its hind legs.

Because of its wonderful coat of hair, the Paperanian requires a lot of grooming on a regular basis. It is also a hypoallergenic dog that gets along with almost anyone, which explains why the dog enjoys such a huge popularity at this point in time.

Considered a toy breed on account of its size, the dog is quite spectacular to look at and has a lifespan of about 15 years or more. Quite healthy by most accounts, this dog rarely suffers from any congenital health problems and will eat almost anything you want to feed it.

Chion – Papillon Chihuahua Mix


It was only natural that people would try to breed two of the most famous toy breeds in the world – the Papillon and the Chihuahua. The result, as you can clearly see from the picture, is a very spectacular looking dog, one that possesses a beautiful coat of hair and a well-proportioned physique to match.

Speaking of its appearance, the dog is clearly a joy to look at, one that has expressive, round eyes and triangular, erect ears. The dog’s coat is also spectacular, as it usually comes in a wired, curly-tipped, medium-sized form. This makes the dog difficult to groom in some cases, but it’s surely a small price to pay for owning such a beautiful pooch.

Brave, proactive, loving, courageous, and very playful by nature, the Chion makes an excellent family dog as it absolutely loves to cuddle with its owners as often as it gets the chance. Other than that, know that the Chion gets along with anyone and that it rarely showcases any aggressive tendencies.

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