Pitbull Boxer Mix: The Ultimate Breed Guide

By mixing a Pitbull Terrier with a Boxer, you get one of the sweetest, affectionate, and playful hybrids in existence – the Pitbull Boxer Mix. Bred for its friendly attitude, this is the type of dog you can rely on to show you unconditional love and affection at all times.

You can understand that by combining two very popular and affectionate breeds, you’re getting a hybrid that incorporates some of the best traits that each of the parent breeds can offer. Then again, this is the rationale behind most hybrids.

It isn’t just the personality that recommends the Pitbull Boxer Mix as a family dog, but also the dog’s physical prowess. In this respect, know that this is a very energetic dog and that it enjoys running and being out in nature.

What Is A Pitbull Boxer Mix?

With parent breeds like the Pitbull Terrier and the Boxer, it is easy to see why people tried to crossbreed these dogs in the first place. Perhaps not for their intelligence and friendliness alone, but also for their impressive strength.

Speaking of which, it comes as no surprise that both of the parent breeds have been used for fighting at some point or another. Although they are dogs with a rich history, it wasn’t until recently that breeders started to accentuate their fighting abilities.

Even so, neither of the dogs are guaranteed to be aggressive. If anything, the dog’s behavior usually reflects the owner’s personality and their approach to training the dog. As such, you can expect the hybrid to also boast physical and mental traits that both of the parent breeds have, neither of which being dangerous when properly trained.



When it comes to dog hybrids, you never really know how a pup could turn out. It can either share the physical characteristics of a single parent or inherit traits from both. This is also the case with the Pitbull Boxer Mix, a dog that often looks like a fixed version of both the Boxer and the Pitbull.

With a broad head and dropping ears, this particular hybrid looks quite interesting by most standards. At the same time, the dog will also inherit the long legs and chest of the Boxer in some cases, although these traits aren’t as prominent as those of the parent breed.

Also know that the muzzle is usually short in size but that it does feature some of the physical characteristics of the Boxer snout. That aside, few Pitbull Boxer Mix dogs inherit the breathing problems that sometimes Boxers have, which is definitely not a big problem.

Height & Weight

Being a hybrid, this pooch will rarely inherit the exact physical features of the parent breeds; more like a few of them or just a couple. In this regard, many of these dogs grow up to about 20 or even 26 inches tall.

As for the weight, you can expect these dogs to weigh between 50 and 80 lbs, with males being heavier than females on average. Needless to say, diet and activity levels also have a bearing on the dog’s physical appearance, both in regards to height and weight.

Coat & Colors

A Pitbull Boxer Mix should be expected to have a short and smooth coat, the type that rarely sheds throughout the year. Because of how thin the coat is, this dog doesn’t do well in climates that are either too hot or too cold.

That aside, know that a Pitbull Boxer Mix pup can be brindle, white, or fawn in color, and sometimes boast a combination of the three. In rare cases, some of these dogs may also take after the Pitbulls and boast a more prominent cream, brown, tan, or black coloring.


 Pitbull Boxer Mix Personality & Temperament

This type of dog requires a fair amount of care and attention if you are to avoid any potential ‘disagreements’ with it farther down the line. This isn’t to say that the dog is violent or aggressive by any measure, but they can be a bit unruly if they lack a trusting relationship with their owners.

Although very affectionate for the most part, a Pitbull Boxer Mix poses a real danger of misbehaving when things aren’t going their way. In many ways, the dog’s constant need for validation and affection makes them akin to big babies or spoiled children.

It goes without saying that many of those who own such dogs are more or less in love with the dog’s peculiar personality, and understandably so. Due to the strong bond they create with their owners, these dogs are expected to always seek human companionship as often as they can.


Because of how energetic and active these dogs are, they tend to get overly excited from time to time with no fault of the owner whatsoever. This seems to be in their genes and you will have to take steps to reduce the impact that such behavior has on their well-being.

They also tend to suffer from separation anxiety if left alone for too long, which seems to be the case with both Boxers and Pitbulls. When that happens, the dog can become destructive and break things around the house.

Also worth mentioning is their jumpy attitude, mainly the way they tend to get excited by the sheer sight of their owners and friends. This is something owners need to get used to because it may affect their relationship with the dog long-term.



It wouldn’t be wise to discuss a Pitbull Boxer Mix without once mentioning their inherent temperamental flaws. We’re talking aggression here and we would do best not to sugarcoat it. Although different owners have different experiences, it needs to be said that these dogs can get quite aggressive and overly protective in certain situations.

As most of you would already be aware, there is a certain stigma associated with owning a Pitbull Terrier, and that stigma passes on to owning a Pitbull Boxer Mix in many ways. To be more precise, these are very strong dogs that when mishandled, can cause a lot of damage to people or other animals.

You need to understand that owning such a physically imposing dog comes with a lot of responsibilities. If you adopt a Pitbull Boxer Mix, then you have to ensure that you provide it with the right training and care so as to avoid any unwanted outbursts over time.


Is A Pitbull Boxer Mix A Good Family Dog?

In many ways, a Pitbull Boxer Mix makes an excellent family dog provided that you train it well. As you may already know, Pitbulls were used as nanny dogs in the past on account of how well they get along with children, so any hybrid based on a Pitbull is bound to share their love of children.

That said, it is very important that you socialize the dog from an early age to ensure that it doesn’t develop any ill will toward the children. Not just that but you want the dog to fully understand the extent to which a child will push boundaries and how to best respond to the situation.

Other than that, know that a Pitbull Boxer Mix makes a decent guard dog by most standards. Perhaps not as effective as other breeds, this dog knows its strength and weaknesses when raised and socialized properly.

Caring For A Pitbull Boxer Mix

A Pitbull Boxer Mix requires a fair bit of maintenance and care when compared to other dogs its size. Not in the sense that they are too expensive to care for, but they do require a certain level of attention and affection that other breeds simply do not.

To be more precise, the dog tends to be dependent on human interaction. This happens to such an extent that it will quickly turn resentful and even destructive if it doesn’t get the care and attention it requires on a daily basis.

That said, know that they don’t really shed that much but that they do require regular grooming in regards to their diet and exercise needs. Then again, you shouldn’t adopt such a dog unless you’re fully prepared to meet its needs.


Being the energetic dog that it is, a Pitbull Boxer Mix requires around two hours of exercise on a daily basis. Bred for its physical prowess, the dog needs to roam free and to be given the chance to play with other energetic dogs.

If you have the possibility, you should incorporate an agility class or a run into the dog’s daily schedule. Needless to say, these dogs make excellent running or hiking companions as they rarely back away from a physical challenge.

Grooming & Shedding

As I pointed out earlier, this dog may have a lot of grooming needs but coat brushing isn’t one of them. In fact, the dog has a fairly short coat that doesn’t even shed that much. You will find yourself spending more time cleaning its ears and clipping its nails.

In regards to shedding, keep in mind that this dog rarely if ever sheds on a regular basis. In fact, their shedding is negligible when compared to other dogs its size, which is understandable given the fact that both of the parent breeds have short hair.


Feeding & Diet

This energetic dog has a daily calorie intake need of about 1,000 calories spread across two daily meals. While you’re at it, you are advised to also include two cups of kibble per day, but only if the dog has a schedule that enables it to burn through the extra calories.

I say this because energetic dogs are usually prone to obesity on account of their fast metabolism. Failing to provide the dog with enough avenues to spend its extra energy is a sure way for it to get fat and thus, unhealthy over time.

Known Health Problems

Speaking of health, know that a Pitbull Boxer Mix can suffer from a few pretty serious afflictions. This isn’t the norm by any means, as most of these dogs are commonly healthy, but it can happen from time to time with little to no warning.

It seems that this breed sometimes suffers from Hemangiosarcoma, a condition it inherits from the Boxer. At the same time, these dogs are prone to Hip Dysplasia and obesity, a good enough reason as any to always watch your dog’s diet.

How To Train A Pitbull Boxer Mix

Keep in mind that a Pitbull Boxer Mix is very intelligent and extremely willing to learn. The dog is prone to observe the owner and sometimes pick up habits and gestures simply through the power of observation, a common trait of most intelligent breeds.

Now, because of how smart the dog is, you want to refrain from any aggressive or punitive behavior. Instead, you should always rely on positive reinforcement to train and educate the dog, so that you two develop a trusting relationship as well.


Quick Breed Summary Table

Breed Information
Size 20 to 26 inches
Weight 50 to 80 lbs
Lifespan 10 to 14 years
Color Black, white, tan, brindle, and cream
Coat Short and smooth
Shedding & Grooming The dog rarely sheds but requires a fair bit of grooming
Temperament Friendly, playful, loyal, and protective
With Other Pets They prefer people to dogs and other pets
People Skills Great around people they know, protective around strangers
With Children They love children
Exercise Needs About two hours every day
Food The dog needs 1,000 calories per day along with kibble
Known Health Problems Hip dysplasia, obesity, hemangiosarcoma

All Things Considered

Being a high-maintenance dog, this is the type of pooch you only adopt if you’re 100% capable of looking after. As previously stated, I believe the Pitbull Boxer Mix to be one of the best family dogs out there, a dog that showcases an unbridled loyalty for the owners paired with a very intuitive personality.

All in all, this dog makes an excellent companion, one that never backs down from a physical challenge. This makes it perfect for families with children and for people who enjoy an active and outgoing lifestyle.

Caroline Jones

Caroline has been a dog lover since she was only 6 years old, when her parents got her a rescue Boxer. Since then her love for dogs has lead her to study Dog Behavior & Welfare. She now educates people on how to properly raise and care for dogs, through her online site, Bark Friend. Now, she's a proud owner of a beautiful German Shepherd.

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