10 Outstanding Poodle Mixes You Probably Didn’t Know About

Ranking 8th on the list of America’s most popular breeds and the 2nd most intelligent dog in the world, the Poodle is not only known for its adorable looks. Featuring a blend of brains, skill, and that undeniably cute appearance, Poodles are affectionate and confident creatures that make great family pets. Also considered as a designer dog, this pooch is found beside many a celebrity and is one of those dogs that attract the public eye.

Originally bred to hunt small water animals like ducks and fowl, Poodles are by far one of the best swimming dogs and loves water. They possess thick and curly coats that help keep them protected when in cold water. This makes them suitable companions in any weather or climate, just as long as you remember to give them the special care they require during the summer when the weather gets a little hot.

Temperament wise, they a joy to be around and make great companions. They create strong bonds with their owners and learn commands easily, making them easy to train. With that being said, we all love Poodles – but what if I told you these desirable animals are now being crossed with other dogs to make ever cuter and more intelligent mutts. If you love dogs, especially Poodles as much as we do, then you will love the beautiful Poodle mixes we have listed here.

Maltipoo – Poodle Maltese Mix


Not only does this hybrid have the most darling name but it is just as cute and cuddly. The Maltipoo is a cross between the famous Maltese and the Poodle and is the most popular of the lot. Featuring a lot of the Maltese temperament, the Maltipoo is full of fun and extremely playful and is overly affectionate. They possess a high amount of energy and love playing around with their families.

Best suited for single owners, families with children, and seniors, this charming dog will steal your heart in seconds. They love a good cuddle and are great lap dogs. When it comes to training them, they are easy to train and are smart dogs. Owing to their sensitive side, they tend to only respond to positive reinforcement methods. They do not need a lot of exercise but do require a lot of interactive time around people.

Coming to their appearance, the Maltipoo has medium to long fur and features varying looks that could go either way, depending on their parents. They usually weigh between 5 to 20 lbs. and stand between 8 to 14 inches high. They’re hypoallergenic which means they hardly shed, however they do require regular grooming to ensure they look their best.

Goldendoodle – Poodle Golden Retriever Mix


The perfect choice for first-time pet owners, the Goldendoodle is an immensely popular Poodle hybrid that comes from two already famous parents – the Golden Retriever and the Poodle. You might love a Poodle, but you might want a bigger dog – Goldendoodles are the best option for you. Packed with energy and playfulness, Goldendoodles are active and fun-loving dogs that love to play fetch, swim, and perform athletic stunts. Easy to train, they get along well with all ages and are especially great with kids.

Inheriting all the best qualities from both parents, the Goldendoodle is intelligent and works well when taught using positive training techniques. They’re friendly and sociable and are often welcoming of strangers, but it is recommended that you train and socialize them from an early age.

Goldendoodles come in different sizes, but a standard size Goldendoodle should weigh around 50 to 90 lbs. and stand at 20 to 29 inches tall. Also, they do not shed much which is always a plus for most owners.

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Cockapoo – Poodle Cocker Spaniel Mix


The Cockapoo is one of the oldest and most sociable designer dog breeds that makes a loving companion. 100% people-oriented, this little mutt will make friends with almost anyone, are overly affectionate with their loved ones and they make sure to show it. They love being around people and are welcoming of strangers too. Eager to please and ever ready to play, they’re intelligent dogs that can be trained easily.

A popular choice for a pet for decades, these dogs are everything you would want in a family pet. Being the offspring of purebred designer parents, they inherit a ton of remarkable traits that include a sweet disposition, a loving nature, and excellent intelligence and of course the favorite – a low shedding coat.

When it comes to their size, Cockapoo is all different depending on the size of the Poodle that was used in the breeding. Their coats are fluffy and long and need regular brushing and grooming to prevent mats and tangles from forming.

Labradoodle – Poodle Labrador Mix


What do you get when you mix America’s most loved pooch with a Poodle? You get the most popular Poodle mix and most adored designer dog – The Labradoodle. Friendly, playful, and bursting with energy, the Labradoodle fits into any household and is suited for all families. Also known as the Double Doodle or the Tri Doodle, the Labradoodle is smart and sociable and is easy to train.

Similar to that of a Goldendoodle but without the Golden color, the Labradoodle features adorable looks that would make your heart melt. They come with a short curly coat that is 100% hypoallergenic – making them best suited for those who suffer from allergies. Not only do these dogs make fine companions, but they are also great guard dogs.

Affectionate, eager to please and a joy to be around, the Labradoodle is a fun-loving pooch that craves attention. They stand at around 21 to 24 inches high and weigh 50 to 65lbs. approximately. Possessing a consistent temperament, these dogs also make wonderful service pets and are also used for therapy.

Yorkipoo – Poodle Yorkshire Terrier Mix


Looking for a miniature size mutt that would keep you grinning from ear to ear? The Yorkipoo is a playful, fun-loving dog that is popularly known for its comical nature and goofy personality. A hybrid mix of the Poodle and the famous Yorkshire terrier, this dog is full of energy and always looking for attention.

The offspring of two designer toy breeds, the Yorkipoo is the first dog that comes to mind when you think of a classy and elegant pooch. Do not be fooled by their tiny size, these dogs feature the biggest personalities. Best suited for families with children, single owners as well as senior citizens, these dogs do not require too much exercise and are easy to train.

Thanks to their adorable characteristics and their low-maintenance requirements, this dog is fairly popular – yes they are more than happy to slouch on your lap while you binge-watch your favorite TV shows. However, keep in mind, these dogs like barking and they tend to do so if they hear loud noises – so be ready for some incessant barking if you live in a crowded or noisy area.

Akipoo – Poodle Akita Inu Mix


Among the many different Poodle mixes, the Akipoo is by far the most uncommon and unpopular. But we have to thank the person who decided to cross these two adorable breeds – the Akita Inu and the Poodle. Bringing you the perfect blend of the intelligence and eager-to-please personality of the Poodle with the guarding talents of the Akita Inu, the Akipoo can be a highly potential watchdog for you and your family.

Smart and obedient, these dogs pick up new things quickly and are great at performing various tricks and interactive games like fetch. However, the Akipoo needs to be trained and socialized from an early age to ensure he gets along well with strangers, children as well as other pets.

Coming to their size, they feature a well-built body that is strong and sturdy and they stand at 18 to 25 inches and weigh around 45 to 120 lbs. Proud, courageous, and devoted to their owners, the Akipoo is loyal and endearing and will not stand down from a frequent bark.

Pomapoo – Poodle Pomeranian Mix


Combining the traits of the two most sought-after breeds today, the Pomapoo is the popular offspring of the Pomeranian and the Poodle. Known for their friendly disposition and their intelligence, the Pomapoo takes after both the parent breeds. Considered as a designer dog, the Pomapoo may be small in size, but it features a huge personality.

Excellent companions for single owners, the Pomapoo is cute and jolly and always looking for attention. Overly affectionate and caring, they like being pampered by their families, however, they do not require too much maintenance.

As we already know, the Pomapoo is a smart dog, which means they are easy to train and can pick up new tricks and commands easily. However, it is important to note that these dogs only work well with positive reinforcement training methods. As for their size, they stand at only 8 to 10 inches high and weigh between 5 to 15 lbs.

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Whoodle – Poodle Soft Coated Wheaten


How cute does the name Whoodle sound? The Whoodle is an adorable mix that comes from a soft-coated Wheaten and a Poodle. A handful to manage, the Whoodle is exploding with energy and extremely affectionate. Also known as the Sweatenpoo, Wheatendoodle, or Wheatiepoo, the Whoodle is another designer dog that features a variety of impressive traits that mostly come from its parents.

Although medium in size, the Whoodle inherits quite a few traits from the Wheaten terrier side making them great guard dogs. Yes, they do bark quite a bit but not at loud noises like most dogs, only when they need to alert their master of strangers approaching or intruders.

In terms of their appearance, they feature a soft coat that is curly and fluffy and one that requires regular grooming and brushing to keep it from developing tangles and mats. So if you have the time and energy and are looking for a dog that is athletic, energetic, and affectionate or just something in between, then the Whoodle is the pooch for you.

Poogle – Poodle Beagle Mix


Yes, you guessed right, the Poogle is the delightful offspring of the curious Beagle and the intelligent Poodle. Sweet, affectionate, and loyal, the Poogle is considered as a great family pet and also gets along with children and other dogs. Increasing in popularity, the Poogle is not an imaginary mix but a real canine that is known for its wavy coats, pleasing temperament, and loyal nature.

Easy to train, the Poogle is just as smart as its parents and responds well to new tricks and commands. Always eager to please, they are quite the ‘show-off’ and like attracting attention. Full of energy, these dogs require daily exercise to help them vent and not use their extra energy on being destructive.

Coming to their size, the Poogle weighs around 11 to 25 lbs. and stands at around 9 to 16 inches high. Their coats and curly and thick, therefore it is necessary for you to groom them regularly by brushing their mane to ensure they do not develop mats or tangles and also to prevent shedding.

Saint Berdoodle – Poodle Saint Bernard Mix


Some large size dogs are quite intimidating and often used for protection and guarding purposes, but not this giant dog. The Saint Berdoodle is by far the sweet, most kind-hearted and calm dogs around. Always grinning, these gentle giants are the offspring of the Saint Bernard and the Poodle. Big, fluffy, huggable, and adorable are the perfect words to describe a Saint Berdoodle.

The Saint Berdoodle is not only known for its enchanting looks but is a highly intelligent dog that is people-oriented and easy to train. They were originally bred for companionship and cuddling, but they make great service dogs and are also used mostly for therapy. They require early socializing and training and need a handler who can stay calm and collected while managing their large size efficiently.

Being overly sociable, Saint Berdoodles are great pets for large families but do not do well when left alone. It is important to know that these cuddly giants should not be playing with toddlers – Although they do not possess any aggressive traits, it is their size that could knock down a child accidentally. Therefore adult supervision is always recommended. Coming to the size of these big boys – they usually weigh between 110 to 200 lbs and stand at around 24 to 30 inches.

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